What to do in Ludington, MI this weekend 

Ludington is a Harbor town and popular summer resort on Lake Michigan that comes alive during warm months when visitors flock to lakeshores and nearby Ludington State Park. The city has a ferry connection to Wisconsin on the other side of the Lake, and it offers plenty of fun things to do and attractions in and around the city.

Foreign visitors that want to explore the Great Lakes first need travel authorization. There is a quick and easy online ESTA Visa application if you’re coming from 39 countries in the Visa Waiver Program. Although you can get ESTA relatively fast, you should wait to book flights. You can be in an awkward ESTA not approved immediately situation, and you can’t travel without it. American administration needs three days to process the application.

What to do in Ludington?

One of the area’s top attractions besides natural beauty is lighthouses, and most of them have significant historical value and story. Visit the Big Sable Lighthouse and enjoy the view on the shoreline. You can climb up on most lighthouses and get a unique perspective on the Lake. Ludington North Breakwater and Little Sable Point lighthouses are two trendy choices in and near town.

A couple of miles out of town is Ludington State Park, a great recreational area on the shores of Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake with beaches on both freshwater lakes. Aside from water sport and sunbathing, Ludington park offers sand dunes and varied landscapes, including marshland, ponds, and forest. There are more than 20 miles of hiking trails that cover all diverse ecosystems in the park.

Pere Marquette River flows through the city on its way to Lake Michigan. A quiet and beautiful river is popular with anglers, and you can paddle on the board on the peaceful and scenic water pathway.

Lake Michigan is west of the city, so the shores and beaches like Stearns Park are perfect for watching the sunset. A colourful display in the sky attracts vast crowds in the evening on the lakeshores.

You can go across the Lake to Wisconsin on the SS Badger, the last coal ferry in the US. The ship has numerous entertainment options like a movie theatre, lounge areas, and cocktails.

Ludington bike trails

Ludington and the surrounding area are popular among the cycling community. There are miles of diverse biking trails going through sand-dunes, forest and beach trails, or just riding through country roads in picturesque Mason County.

Some of the most notable trails include the Cartier Park Pathway, a great one-mile trail around Lincoln Lake. The tremendous scenic route is along M-116 road that leads to Ludington State Park. The Park area has paved roads and a 1.5-mile gravel road to the Big Sable Lighthouse.

Lakeview campsite Ludington MI

Lakeview campsite is a famous camping ground located in the upper part of Hamlin Lake. Though significant, Hamlin Lake is much smaller than Lake Michigan but still offers numerous activities. Park has a swimming pool and multiple playgrounds, and you can go fishing on Hamlin Lake, nearby Pere Marquette River, or go a little further on Lake Michigan to catch Coho or Trout. In addition, Lakeview campsite is the perfect hub close to main attractions like both lakes, lighthouses, rivers, and Nordhouse Sand Dunes, and beaches.

Ludington fireworks

At the beginning of the summer season, Ludington hosts Freedom Festival centred around July 4Th festivities. Famous firework is the pinnacle of the event, starting at dusk every year at 10:30 PM. Searns Beach or other beaches and parks are popular with tourists and other visitors as perfect viewing spots for the fireworks. Crowds gather on the shores and boats to celebrate an important date for the US and enjoy nearly half an hour of exciting fireworks.

Hotels near Ludington State Park

The nearest hotels to the famous Ludington State Park are in the town. Some popular accommodations include Summers Inn Ludington, Ludington House  B&B, Snyder’s Shoreline Inn, Stearns Hotel, and the Lamplighter B&B. You can also check Airbnb offers or go to the Lakeview Campsite on the upper part of Hamlin Lake.

If you’re anxious to book your flight, check status of ESTA. There is a chance administration approved it ahead of schedule, but it will take 72 hours to get the ESTA in most cases. With travel authorization, you can go multiple times to the US in the next two years, and you can stay up to 90 days in one visit.

Bottom line

Great American Lakes are a significant attraction and natural must-see wonders in the US. Ludington is an excellent choice if you plan on visiting Michigan. It has a beautiful shoreline, numerous historic lighthouses, and Ludington State Park, with a diverse landscape and plenty of outdoor activities.

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