4 Beautiful Golden Girls From Oldest to Youngest


The Golden Girls came into the limelight and gained fame. The Saturday night came right in the nick of time during the period when NBC was clawing tooth.

When the show started in September 1985, producers and creatives both had some justified concerns. The show led to four 50-year-old women in the 80s when new trends were worn by young faces. The show’s creator’s name was Susan Harris.

The four older women shared a house in Miami, and the shenanigans ensue overwhelmingly. Here you will know who was the oldest and youngest golden girl.

They received critical acclaim throughout their adventures. The golden girl received Emmy’s Golden Globes in 2013 and ranked at number 54 in the 60 Best Series of all time.

The show covered all the human issues that were hilarious and poignant. The show was a hit because of the legendary actresses.

They played the roles of the entertaining Miami roommates. Their names are Rue McClanahan, Betty White, Beatrice Arthur, and Estelle Getty. They stole the hearts of millions and turned into the gold standard of television.

Bea Arthur

Real Name: Beatrice Arthur

Age: 63

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Character: Dorothy Zbornak

Beatrice is 63 years old when portrayed in the role of Dorothy Zbornak. The 10-year difference in age was a welcomed remark on her youthful disposition.

She was very compassionate, personable, introspective, and substitute and served very well. Moreover, Bea exhibits the qualities of superheroes and fans know very well.

In the episode “Nothing to Fear, But Feat Itself,” her fellow roommate Sophia Petrillo revealed that she conceived in 1931.

Bea Arthur

She received the third most nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards. Also, she won the American Theatre Wing’s Tony Award as the best-featured Actress in 1996. Bea Arthur earned more fame when she was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 2008.

Betty White

Real Name: Beatrice Arthur

Age: 63

Birthplace: Oak Park, Illinois

Character: Rose Nyland

Beatty white is well known as the First Lady of television played the role of Rose Nylund, and gained popularity after the show’s final season.

She has over 1.1 million views on YouTube. People took more interest in the part of the rose because of her innocent sensibility and humor.

She is sweet and innocent, and Dorothy Zbornak reveals her age in the first episode of Job Hunting. Betty White is also the first woman to produce a tv show in the United States.

Betty White

Estelle Getty

Real Name: Estelle Gettleman

Age: 62

Birthplace: Manhattan, New York

Character: Sophia Petrillo

Estelle is a 62-year-old lady who played the role of Sophia Petrillo. She appeared in many spin-offs like Empty Nest and The Golden Palace.

Estelle won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a TV Series and Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Estelle Getty

Estelle sharpened her acting chops in the theater circuit and landed notable roles. She played her role as Mrs. Beckoff in the Broadway production Torch Song Trilogy and became a household in the New York entertainment space.

She was a year younger than her tv daughter named Bea Arthur. During the Golden Girls’ era, she wrote an autobiography named “If I Knew Then, What I Know Now.”

Rue McClanahan

Real Name: Rue McClanahan

Age: 52

Birthplace: Healdton, Oklahoma.


In the 52-year-old, Rue McClanahan played the affable and loveable role of Blanche Devereaux. She married a bigamist and is known as someone who weds another.

Blanche is portrayed as a promiscuous and well-meaning woman throughout the show. His character was seen as a pretty brave choice because of its direct rebuttal to the more cautious of the 1980s.

Rue McClanahan

At that time, new diseases like AIDS and HIV were introduced. On the special episode of Mother’s day, she was 17 years old in 1949.

She was 53 years old when the show started in 1985. Rue is the most recognizable woman in the world. and beloved celebrity and her name is also mentioned in the “Fifth most beloved celebrity over 55.”

The Golden Girls House and Its Real Estate Legacy

The Golden Girls’ house in the show was based on a residence located at 245 N. Saltair Ave. in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The house was never actually filmed inside to allow the creators to design an original floor plan. The actual house still stands today in California.

Starting from Season 2, the exterior shots of The Golden Girls’ house were filmed on a set in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. The house and the rest of the street were demolished in 2003 to make space for new projects.

Bottom Line

All these women are prime examples who captured a particular style, mood, and lifestyle and left the younger generation in envy.

There are different positive attributes that come with age like wisdom, composure, and experience. All of them became the best personalities on TV persona.

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