7+Movies Like ‘The Lost City’ You Should Watch Next for More Exciting Adventures in the Future


In The Lost City, Sandra Bullock plays Loretta Sage, a reclusive author of romance-adventure novels living in seclusion for a while now.

A dimwitted cover model of Loretta’s books Dash McMahon (Channing Tatum), attempts to rescue Loretta when she is kidnapped by a billionaire who believes she knows the location of a priceless treasure, leads to a journey to a remote Atlantic Island, where a eccentric billionaire kidnaps Loretta.

‘The Lost City’ is an entertaining romantic adventure film directed by Adam and Aaron Nee, also known as the Nee Brothers. It features excellent chemistry between Bullock and Tatum as they embark on a romantic adventure.

In this list, you will find seven romantic adventure films similar to The Lost City that are sure to be enjoyed by film fans.

1. Romancing the Stone

Romancing the StoneA pre-Back to the Future Robert Zemeckis-directed film, Romancing the Stone tells the story of lonely romance novelist Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner), who reluctantly joins forces with rugged American hunter Jack Colton (Michael Douglas) in search of a precious gem in Colombian jungles.

This romantic adventure film sets the standard in 1980’s romantic comedy due to the intense chemistry between Douglas and Turner, delivering romance and adventure with a unique flair for physical comedy and a whip-smart dialogue written by Diane Thomas, who died shortly after the movie was released.

A highly entertaining romantic adventure, Romancing the Stone is Zemeckis’s breakthrough film, bringing a technical flair to the adventure and fantasy moments.

2. Crocodile Dundee

Crocodile Dundee

As well as earning an Oscar nomination and boosting tourism in Australia, Crocodile Dundee also turned lovable Aussie TV comedian Paul Hogan into a global sensation.

The actor appears in the film as Michael J. Dundee, an infamous crocodile hunter in outback Australia who attracts the attention of American journalist Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski).

Dundee has been whisked away from New York City to an entirely different jungle after an adventure in the bush. This fish-out-of-water romantic adventure, directed by Peter Faiman, works because of Hogan’s charming, down-to-earth performance, which gave the 1980s a different kind of leading man.

It was so apparent that the chemistry between Hogan and Kozlowski was so strong that they got married in real life, and Hogan’s witty one-liners became part of popular culture.

3. Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold

The film Fool’s Gold, a sun-drenched rom-com adventure on the high seas, reunited 10 Things I Hate About You stars Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson as a divorced couple searching for sunken Spanish treasure.

The only problem is that a rival treasure hunter, played by Ray Winstone, may get there before him. Despite receiving negative reviews upon release, there is no denying the chemistry between McConaughey and Hudson in Fool’s Gold.

With the pair frequently exchanged easy exchanges of dialogue while winning the award for best aesthetically pleasing couple in a romantic adventure film.

A visually stunning romantic adventure is created by director Andy Tennant, who captures not only the tanned and toned figures of his movie stars but also the lush beauty of the film’s Queensland, Australia location.

4. Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise

Based on the Disney ride of the same name, this film stars Emily Blunt as Dr. Lily Haughton, an eccentric botanist who enlists a cynical steamboat skipper (Dwayne Johnson) to voyage down the Amazon River in search of the mythical Tree of Life.

The film Jungle Cruise is a fun family adventure with an old-fashioned charm thanks to Emily Blunt’s role as an admirable scientist and Dwayne Johnson’s role as Dwayne Johnson in a sailor hat.

Director Jaume Collet-Serra injects plenty of heart and a rollicking adventure that evokes classic adventure tales of the past with all of the big-budget sheens that Disney is capable of, and succeeds in making us forget Jungle Cruise is essentially a marketing exercise for an amusement park attraction.

5. Knight and Day

Knight and Day

A romantic adventure with an espionage twist, Knight and Day stars Tom Cruise as Roy Miller, a super-secret agent who is on the run from the Russian mob and has in his possession an item that every lousy guy in the world would kill for.

The roller coaster of espionage and gunfire is being ridden by June (Cameron Diaz), a car mechanic who has no choice but to catch up with the intelligence and gunfire.

As Knight and Day unfold, director James Mangold creates a light and breezy atmosphere throughout the film, combining entertainingly choreographed action with slapstick comedy which calls to mind the screwball comedies of yesteryear, only with a lot more explosions.

Cruz and Diaz have previously collaborated on Vanilla Sky, and the combination of her bubbly energy and his magnetic intensity makes for a perfect variety.

With its palpable chemistry and thrilling sense of adventure, Knight and Day proved to be the best action comedy of 2017 in a year of several couples-on-the-run action comedies (such as The Bounty Hunter, Date Night, and Killers).

6. Six Days, Seven Nights

Six Days, Seven Nights

With Harrison Ford and Anne Heche portraying an unlikely pairing for this movie, Six Days Seven Nights tells the story of a New York fashion magazine editor (Hche), on vacation in the South Pacific, who hires a free-spirited pilot (Ford) to fly her to Tahiti for a work assignment while she is on vacation.

During a sudden thunderstorm, the couple crash-lands on a deserted island, leaving them to try and find their way home while falling in love while trying to find their way home. Six Days Seven Nights is a romantic comedy directed by the late Ivan Reitman.

It works partly because of the easy chemistry between Ford and Heche, with Ford especially good in a light-hearted role that plays to his strengths as a romantic leading man.

7. African Queen

African Queen

In The African Queen, Katherine Hepburn plays Rose Sayer, a Methodist missionary who, during the early days of World War I, finds herself stranded in German East Africa during its early days during the campaign of World War I, which sets the standard for all romantic adventure films that followed.

A boozy captain of the African Queen, Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart), gives Rose a ride upstream, where his rough-and-ready style clashes with her prim and proper manner. This classic Hollywood film, directed by John Huston, stars two of the most iconic figures in Hollywood history.

The African Queen is a film shot in extreme conditions in Central Africa, driven by Huston’s mad genius and further bolstered by the performances of its legendary actors whose characters differ in personality to thrilling results.

 8. Jumanji

JumanjiJumanji is a fantasy adventure film directed by Joe Johnston and based on Chris Van Allsburg’s 1981 children’s book of the same name.

The movie features Robin Williams, Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt, David Alan Grier, Jonathan Hyde, and Bebe Neuwirth.

The story revolves around a magical board game that unleashes jungle-based hazards upon its players with every turn they take.

The film starts in 1969 with two children, Alan Parrish and Sarah Whittle, playing Jumanji in the attic of Alan’s home. When Alan rolls the dice and lands on “Jumanji,” he becomes trapped in the game for 26 years.

In 1995, Judy Shepherd and her brother Peter moved into the Parrish house and discovered Jumanji in the attic.

They start playing the game, and as a result, Alan is released from the game. He then helps Judy and Peter complete the game in order to reverse the chaos that has been unleashed.


These eight movies provide a thrilling and entertaining escape into the world of adventure. They are filled with captivating storylines, mesmerizing visuals, and unforgettable characters.

Whether you seek a treasure-hunting expedition, a journey through a magical board game, or a clash with ancient curses and mythical creatures, these cinematic gems will satisfy your cravings for excitement and wonder.

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