9 Most Powerful Symbiotes In the Marvel Universe, Ranked


In 1984, Spider-Man wore a black costume that enhanced the powers of his symbiote, the first time Marvel introduced the concept of symbiotes.

It was Randy Schueller, a fan of the Black Spider-Man suit, who first described the new uniform that artist Mike Zeck would be able to create with the original design for the suit.

In the years that followed, Roger Stern, Tom DeFalco, and Ron Frenz tweaked and upgraded Spider-Man’s black suit in order to increase its powers and appearance.

Until writers David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane created Venom in 1988, introducing the symbiotes as one of Marvel’s greatest enemies.

There has been a lot of changes in the world of Marvel comics since 1988, with dozens of unique symbiotes showing up on the pages of different Marvel comics.

In addition to exploring the origins of the alien goo in depth, we learned that it came from the planet Klyntar where it came from.

It was recently revealed by Marvel that the symbiotes were created by a deity called Knull to conquer the universe and fight the light produced by Celestials in order to conquer the universe.

Due to the complexity of their history, it comes as no surprise that some symbiotes are stronger than others.

Therefore, we’ve decided to highlight the nine most powerful symbiotes in the Marvel Universe, so that we’ll be able to experience the fury of the Klyntar when they make their appearance.

As movie fans know, symbiotics haven’t just appeared in Spider-Man 3 with Venom’s appearance, but they’ve also been seen in topher Grace’s Eddie Brock role in the movie.

Those who follow Venom today will also be able to appreciate Tom Hardy’s quirky version of the symbiote as seen in Venom and also in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which starred Woody Harrelson as Carnage aka Cletus Kasaday.

We have seen that despite the fact that Hardy’s Eddie was not a part of Spider-Man: No Way Home due to the zany madness of the multiverse, he still managed to leave behind a bit of Venom, so we can expect more symbiotes to appear in the future.

9) Venomsaurus Rex

Venomsaurus Rex

There is a theory that symbiotes give their hosts superpowers by enhancing their physical strength and resistance.

There is a problem with most symbiotes as they not only increase the host’s appetite, but also increase its rage, transforming the host into a killing machine. It may seem strange for a symbiote not to attach itself to a human at first, but what if it does?

In the unlikely event that a symbiote chose to live in a carnivorous dinosaur, what would happen? We get to see the powerful Venomsaurus Rex for the first time during the Old Man Logan storyline, and that is exactly what happens.

There is no doubt that this character is going to become a fan favorite, and we all hope the MCU or Sony will introduce Marvel’s Savage Land in the near future so that we can see this majestic beast in person.

8) Scream


There is a storyline in Venom: Lethal Protector where Eddie Brock tries to live an honest life after being forced to grow five new symbiotes by the evil organization Life Foundation in order to lead an honest life.

As a matter of fact, the most powerful of Venom’s first offspring is Scream, an unstable creature attached to the Life Foundation’s mentally disturbed security agent Donna Diego, who is a member of the organization’s security team.

In a fit of rage, Scream was capable of extenuating her hair and tendrils as a weapon to kill her four brothers, proving the power of her hair and tendrils.

The symbiote also controlled Donna’s body after she had been killed by Venom, which is an impressive feat considering that symbiotes are parasites, and need a living host in order to survive.

7) Sleeper


There was a safe environment where Venom’s youngest son, Sleeper, was allowed to develop before he attached himself to a host in the real world.

As brutal as Sleeper is, he has not turned into a mindless killing machine like all other Venom’s offspring, despite the fact that this symbiote is still vulnerable to brutality.

Additionally, Sleeper had a chance to develop some unique abilities during the course of his maturation process, such as the ability to bend light to camouflage himself, and the ability to release neurotoxins that can put his enemies to sleep.

After bonding with a Kree warrior named Tel-Kar, Sleeper lobotomized him so that he would be able to control his body at all times. In spite of the fact that it was a brutal act, the host’s mind was never corrupted by the one that ensured Sleeper would live.

6) Anti-Venom


After Eddie Brock was cured of cancer by Mister Negative, Venom bonded with Brock and created the Anti-Venom symbiote in response to the bond.

In addition to Mister Negative’s healing abilities, Brock’s antibodies were able to dissolve Venom thanks to Mister Negative’s healing powers and gave birth to a new type of symbiote.

Anti-Venom powers are also much less destructive than the original Venom symbiote, as they are capable of curing patients who have been afflicted by radiation, parasites, diseases, and drugs by inverting the black and white of the original Venom symbiote.

The Anti-Venom symbiote is not only capable of resisting heat and sound, two of the most significant weaknesses of the Klyntars, which makes it even more impressive.

5) Toxin


It was believed that Toxin, the son of Carnage, was the most powerful symbiote that had ever existed.

Even the symbiote leader and creator, Knull, was frightened by Toxin because of his raw power, so great that he feared even the King in Black, Toxin, the raw power of which was so great.

Despite this, Toxin’s powers remained restrained and focused towards doing good due to the training he received from Venom and his bonding with a New York City cop named Patrick Mulligan.

Due to the childlike nature of his character, he is not able to unleash his full power to the fullest, which is something the whole universe is grateful for.

The Toxin symbiote has the ability to withstand more heat and sound than other symbiotes, is capable of tracking people, and possesses all the combined strengths of Venom and Carnage. It has also been reported that Toxin has developed a nasty bite as of late.

4) Carnage


In a relationship with serial killer Cletus Kasady, Venom’s most dangerous offspring has become one of Marvel’s most vicious villains and one of the most feared in the world.

It is very hard to disagree with the claim that Carnage is more violent, unpredictable, and powerful than Venom in some respects.

In addition to his increased aggressivity after bonding with his symbiote, one of the other things that Carnage was capable of doing as a result of the bonding with his symbiote was to become more cruel and dangerous, since he was already a blood-lusting serial killer prior to becoming Carnage.

As well as using his limbs as weapons, Carnage can even travel through phone wires to attack people on the other end of the line by bending his ends into solid weapons.

As Venom’s biggest enemy for many years, Carnage was the red symbiote’s greatest challenge, as the anti-hero always found it difficult to take him on.

3) Grendel


The King in Black created Grendel to be a symbiote dragon in order to gain power. The first symbiote dragons, powerful beings capable of crossing the galaxies and laying waste to everything in their path, were born when Knull, with the determination to destroy the light spreading across the universe, gave birth to the very first symbiote dragons.

There is no need for Grendel and his brothers to bond with a host in order to unleash their raw power and fury, capable of killing gods, destroying entire civilizations, and even infecting sentient beings with symbiotes to grow Knull’s army.

There is no doubt that Grendel is one of the most vicious symbiote-dragons in Knull’s war against the light, since he is one of its most powerful soldiers.

2) Knull


The eldritch god of darkness, Knull, created the symbiotes from the primordial void as part of the world’s creation.

The All-Black was forged by Knull as soon as the Celestials brought light into his dark kingdom, which allowed him to bind with his host in the same way that all symbionts bind with their hosts.

The Celestials were frightened by Knull for a while as he waged war against the Celestials, striking fear into their hearts.

While sitting on a dark throne, Knull formed a hive mind of symbiote dragons that, connected through his hive mind, would empower him as he conquered the universe through a symbiotic relationship.

Knull can manipulate the abyss before creation, bringing life out of the darkness before the world’s creation. He also possesses the powers of a god. Symbiotes are under his control; he is virtually immortal and can manipulate time with his mind.

In the Marvel universe, there is no doubt that Knull is one of the most significant threats, and his dark empire extends for billions of years into the future.

1) Venom


There is no doubt that Venom and Eddie Brock are not the most potent symbiotes regarding raw power. While Venom is a symbiote, no other symbiote has the same level of determination as he does.

Venom has been tested against symbiotes that are much more dangerous time and time again and has always come out on top because he was willing to sacrifice everything to keep the world safe from harm.

Venom has the killing impulses of all symbiotes, which are created from the void to be killing machines, but he proved that he could master his urges and be a force for good instead of a killing machine.

It was due to the unbreakable spirit of Venom that he was recently able to defeat Knull once and for all after being powered up by the God of Light.

Knull has caused quite a bit of damage to the Hive, and Eddie Brock has managed to repair some of it by using his connections with the Hive.

As we all know, Venom’s symbiote recently bonded with Eddie’s son, Dylan Brock, who has been acting on Earth as a hero alongside Venom.

In spite of Venom’s impressive superpowers, Eddie and Venom proved that true power can come from a person’s commitment to fighting for what is right, and that even a villain can become a hero on the right side of the law

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