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The best graphic novel, The Heroine Had an Affair with My Fiance, tells the original romance and fantasy tale of a female lead named Ciela.

Her family is of great nobility. Her close buddy was the object of her fiance’s betrayal. She joins the magical organization in an attempt to use magic to uncover proof of the cheating because she is furious over the affair.

In this article, we are going to discuss the web novel in detail. We will discuss the Plot, Characters, and surprising turns of events that make this novel a must-read.

This novel is written by Seol Yirin which has a story of love and betrayal. Moreover, it hooks the reader from the beginning till the end.

TYPE Web Novel
GENRE Comedy, Fantasy and Romance
WRITER Seol Yirin
RATING 4.1/ 5..0
YEAR 2022
CHAPTERS 40 (Uptil now)

Characters of the Novel

The characters of the novel” The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance” include:

The Heroine:  The central character of the novel, who’s involved in an affair with the protagonist’s fiance. The story will explore her provocations, background, and personality traits.

The Protagonist(Ciela): This is the main character of this novel, whose fiance is having an affair with the heroine. This character will suffer from battling with unlawful, cruel, and depressing passions.

The Fiance (Duvel Essit): The existent who’s engaged to the protagonist but becomes involved in an affair with the heroine. Their conduct and opinions will drive much of the conflict in the novel.

Supporting Characters: These may include soldiers, family members, or associates of the promoter and the other central characters. They could give advice, support, or further complications to the main plot.

Antagonists or Rivals: There might be characters who resist the promotion or try to make things more complicated, depending on how the plot develops.The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance

Plot Summary

Would you like to read a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Let me tell you that  “The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance Spoiler” is here. In this novel, you will learn about the secret love affair between Ciela and Lord Ren.

When Ciela meets the charming Lord Ren, her entire world is flipped upside down. You’ll be left speechless by the turns and turns of their passionate encounters.

Ciela is struggling to live up to her family’s expectations, and Lord Ren has to reassure her of his unconditional affection. Can the truth come to light and destroy their world, or can their romance stand the test of time?

Take an interesting trip with Ciela and Lord Ren in “The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance Spoiler.” Secrets are made public, feelings are intense, and the risks are increased as the narrative progresses.

Will Ciela decide to follow her intuition, or will the pressures of society pull them apart? This book will engage you from the very first to the very last page with its distinctive blend of romance and drama.

We will now talk about a few of the chapters that will both surprise you and make you finish the book till the end. Now let’s get started.

Chapter One Spoiler

A malicious dragon entered the kingdom long ago and slaughtered a large number of people. The humans decided to use warriors to destroy the dragon. The intense battle results in the bad dragon’s defeat.

The dragon follows the commander, the fighters, and the initial emperor. So, a few centuries later, the crown prince rose to become the most powerful individual in Empire history.

The emperor strives to alter his fate and does everything in his power to stop the course. As a result of her purification power, an innocent young girl proposes to the prince and saves him.

Ciela sat at his table and wrote the novel’s plot. The new antagonist who betrays her is Duvel Essit (her fiance). The Crown King executed Duvel Essit. Due to their marriage, Duvall’s wife will pass away with him.

Ciela decides to help the female protagonist who lives in poverty by altering the story’s premise. Ciela desires to separate from her fiancé and include him in her narrative. Tyrael advises Ciela to marry into the royal family.

In the first novel, the princess’s first love was the Crown Prince. As the prince entered Lord Essit, Tyrael gave him an embrace. Essit declares his desire to end Tyrael’s engagement. The money problem excites Celia, and she finds the scenario interesting.

Chapter Two SpoilerThe Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance summary

After she steps outside, Ciela believes that her fiancé is cheating. Because the story reminds her of her previous life, Cielia worries that she will become trapped in it. Regarding the meeting between Tyrael and the crown prince, a letter was sent.

Ciela chooses to write the crown prince a letter, although she finds the prince’s romantic desires annoying. Ciela uses her fiancé’s letter to write a letter to her best friend. She believed that cheating partners ought to go out on dates.

Cielia is concerned because the crown prince hasn’t sent her a letter in the last two weeks. She chooses to include two or three female leads in her work, with Tirielle serving as the main character. Ciela has Mae as her maid.

Mae is upset over learning about Lord Essit and Tyrael’s dishonesty. To calm down, Ciela asks her maid. Ciela receives the guild sign from Mae.

The lovers’ love is put to an end by the guild. Mae talks about how she fulfilled the love in her marriage.

As Mae leads Ciela to the guild, she alerts her to the presence of the guild master. The guild master unexpectedly surprises them by coming from behind. When the Master inquires about the client, Mae decides against it.

Ciela is persuaded to return by Mae. Mae asks the Master to be lenient towards Ciela once Ciela decides to accompany him.

Her fiancé and princess are already known to the master. Ciela is against punishing them. The Master’s absolute knowledge surprises Ciela.

Chapter Thirty-Nine Spoiler

There is sunshine on the Imperial Palace in the second last chapter of “The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance Spoiler”. To take part in the prize ceremony, the nobles assemble here. That year’s most valuable contributor to the Empire is the recipient of this honor.

The nobility put their lives in danger to get respect and to win the Empress over. Due to her sponsorship of the event, Ciela has the most opportunities to assess the prize. Seeing Tyrael makes Ciela uneasy, and thinks Ciela is still mad at her.

He expresses regret for what occurred with the crown prince. Tyrael breaks down in tears and asks Ciela for forgiveness. Tyrael is hated by everyone, but thanks to her efforts in treatment, people now appreciate her.

Tyrael says that when someone does nice deeds, people tend to change their minds. Ciela concedes that her guilt-ridden emotions are baseless. Tyrael sees Ciela’s comments as complimentary.

Tyrael was already declared the winner, according to rumors spread by nobility women. Tyrael’s purifying magic will give the Empress power. It is decided who wins. Partway through, the Empress appears in her stunning bright red gown.

Ciela always assumes an empress will be the ideal partner because of her fame. Afterwards, the Empress agrees that Everyone is important and works hard for the Empire. This year’s summer star was none other than the Empress Ciela.

She motions for Ciela to ascend the steps. Furthermore, the Empress gives Ciela credit for inventing the miraculous instrument known as the Scroll. As a result, Ciela receives an invitation from the Empress to tea. Ciela finds the Empress to be unsettling.The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance chracters

The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance Spoiler (Latest)

After the ceremony, Ciela speaks with several people in the most recent chapter of “The Heroine Had an Affair With My Fiance Spoiler”. Ciela questions why she is rewarded by the Empress rather than God. The housekeeper asks Ciela to begin getting ready.

Because of the empress’s participation and how it may affect her future, Ciela is worried. Her destiny affects Duval Essit or the Count Valentine. Mae is concerned about Ciela’s illness. Ciela is reluctant to display her fear. The little dragon enters through the window.

The little dragon makes Ciela happy. She enjoys talking to the dragon about the difficulties in her life. Ciela tells about her win of the Summer Star award and her invitation to take tea with the princess from the small dragon, Lord Ren.

Lord Ren is searching for a pen so that he can write. Ciela desires that Lord Ren return to his former human state. Ciela was pushed to re-engage by her parents. She desires to terminate the agreement with Lord Ren.

Lord Ren approaches Ciela and gives her a firm embrace. Lord Ren and Ciela bond on a personal level. A brand-new palace emerges, and the logo is visible.

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