The Devil Raises A Lady Spoiler Stirs Up Curiosity In Fans!


The famous manga ‘The Devil Raises a Lady’ is a literary classic which merges the supernatural with the human experience.

From the first to the final page, readers get hooked by the fascinating way the plot progresses, with characters taking unexpected paths.

The novel is a must-read for anybody who enjoys complex and diverse stories, since it effectively combines elements of mystery, romance, and suspense.

If you are new to this manga, you might want to read this article to know more about the storyline, and characters. We’ll dissect the speculations and fan theories going on about it.

The Enthralling Story LineThe enthralling story line

The comic ‘The Devil Raises a Lady’ describes the story of a woman who meets her bodyguard, who possesses demonic traits. He has been with her for a long time of 13 years, and would do anything to protect her with his supernatural powers.

Lady Ayana can’t help but fall in love with her savior and protector, who has elements such as the devil, fantasy, romance, and regression throughout the novel.

This Manhwa is basically driven by revenge and the female lead uses Diabel, her demonic bodyguard, in her course of revenge on the rival family, who plots to take her life.

Is Lady Ayana Safe with Her Demonic Body Guard?

The compelling part about this comic is the Character of Daibel, The Demonic Bodyguard. His Actions are often Suspicious for Lady Ayana. Mainly, The story revolves around the devil character, how he never gets wounded or bloody.

We’ll examine the devil’s symbolic significance in literature and talk about how the figure of the devil gives characters and the plot a deeper meaning. He is Lady Ayana’s only hope to take revenge on the Rosell family, because her own family has been annihilated.

Lady Ayana feels safe with him because he is the only one she can trust in this hopeless time. Lady Ayana never trusted him at first and thought Diabel was plotted by the enemies to kill her.

However, Diabel is aware that if the Soldiers arrive, he will never be unable to assist her. Diabel and Lady Ayana make a deal for Lady Ayana to take revenge on the Rosell Family.

Because Diabel won’t be able to help Lady Ayana without a contract, so she fears getting betrayed by him. But,  Diabel is her only chance to get revenge and she does not want him to turn against her.Devil Raises A Lady Spoiler

Time Favors Their Destiny: Lady Ayana and Diabel’s intertwined Fate

Lady Ayana slips back in time after signing the Contract with Diabel. One day, Lady Ayana wakes up in the past and sees a servant helping her wash her face.

She is taken by surprise to realize she is young once again, she is happy to see that Blair, and her sister Cecilia, and lord Lloyd are all still alive. Cecilia comforts Ayana by giving her a hug.

Lady Ayana sees Lord Lloyd send his greetings to her father. Unexpectedly, Diable shows up from behind, and her father introduces her as the protector of the Lihaf Family. Lady Ayana saw Diabel in anger, on their first meeting, which was very unusual for her.

Then after spending some time with her family, Lady Ayana would often worry about the future of her family, because as soon as Diabel entered their lives, her family began to die.

The Lady Ayana family wanted her to get married to the Pashito Marquis’s second son. He was a wicked guy, he started forcing Lady Ayana to give birth to a son. Hence, she gave birth to a son, and her health deteriorated.

She wanted to escape, and Diabel came to her rescue. She flees with Diabel and is attacked by her in-laws. A few years later, an epidemic strikes, leading to the demise of the Passito family, leaving Lady Ayana the only Royal Ruler Baron Passito’s House.

The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler: Twist and Turns the Next Chapters will Bring!

Lady Ayana signs a contract with Daibel and it makes her go back in time, and she had to go through the loss of seeing her family dying again.

But after becoming the Royal Ruler, she uses this opportunity to take revenge on the people who partook in taking her family’s life. Diabel is the sworn protector of her family, with his help she seeks vengeance.

‘The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler’ chapter 19 The father offers the young man alcohol, but he refuses. The count and Lady Ayana get a request for forgiveness by the young man.

Lady Ayana is told by her father to enter the house before the Rosell Family attacks her. Although Lady Ayana’s father ensured her that her brothers can manage the situation really well, Lady Ayana still wants her brothers to go with her.

Ayana gives Diabel the instruction to bring spices to the questioning chamber, because she wants to know the truth so she intends to threaten the young man. Unfortunately, she couldn’t bring the truth to light. Devil Raises A Lady

Unraveling the Mystery

Lady Ayana spent the entire night waiting for the approaching attack with her sister. Ayana’s father desires for her and her sister to quit the palace.

Instead of sitting in the carriage, Ayana searches for Diabel, to save her and her sister Cecilia from the attacker, but prior to the attack Lady Ayana were informed by Diabel that the young man, even after going through torture, is still witholding his identity.

The young man named Wilhelm lost a lot of money through gambling so he betrayed Lady Ayana and plans a scheme to enter the enemies into the palace.

Ayana encourages Diabel to stay with him because she believes in him, even if Diabel is ready to go. Diabel is forced to stay with her, because he cannot see her get in trouble.

In the most recent spoiler of The Devil Raises the Lady, Lady Ayana’s sister, Cecilia is suspicious about the common clothing, the guard knights’ attire, and the common carriage in the next chapter. Soon after, their Royal cart was attacked, which terrified both sisters.

Lady Ayana quickly realizes that the attackers were guards from the Russell Family, the same guards who attacked them 13 years ago.

‘In The Devil Raises a Lady Spoiler’ of the 20th Chapter, The attackers only aimed is to kill Ayana and not her sister Cecilia. Therefore, Lady Ayana is prepared to give her life in order to keep her family safe.

Subsequently, Diabel launches an arrow strike on the kidnappers from behind. Ayana gets into trouble every time he’s not around, and Diabel questions why.

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