The Best Guns to Secure the Win in PUBG!


There are tons of guns in PUBG, and all are best under certain circumstances. I have seen people complaining about how bad this gun is and how ineffective that gun is. It’s not true. Although some guns deal great damage, it still lies in a player’s hand.

I’ll pick some great guns from each category to defeat the enemy.


S1897 – You take S686, fuse it with S12k, and get this shotgun. Its ammo capacity and fire rate make it the best shotgun, which is less than S12K but more than S686. S12K is great for continuous firing, but it deals a little less damage. S1897, on the other hand, having more ammo gives you an advantage over 686. You won’t have to wait to reload to finish your ammo.

AWM -it has to be the best sniper.

One shot to your head and game over. You don’t even think 3 helmets can stop the Awm bullet. Awm can only be collected from the airdrop. Awm has maximum power and range in the game. But it will take practice to master it.


Although the rival of Mini14 are many and are already on the battleground (SKS, SLR), Mini14 still manages to get an edge over those, if and only Mini14 is equipped with all the attachments. For Mini14, use a compensator instead of a suppressor cause with excellent performance comes great recoil. However, SKS is also a beast in long range and deals slightly more damage. SKS is impressive but has more recoil in the long range. And not to forget the fire rate of MINI14, even in close range, it can work like an AR if you can manage it.


It’s a beast among ARs. Even the crate-limited GROZA shares a tie with it. The best among the rest is non-crate assault rifles if equipped with a compensator. Only use AKM with a compensator, or it will be the worst gun ever. And not to forget the fact that AKM does the highest amount of damage than the rest of non-crate ARs.

Tommy Gun or Thompson

I know it gonna be a debate all over again because it doesn’t support scope or even red dot, nor does it have any room for other attachments except Extended Mag and Suppressor, yet it is the best SMG out there in PUBG. I have won chicken dinners many times with it. The 50-round mag is enough to put any enemy with any level of armor to rest. In the close quarters, you can be sure you got a kill.


It’s like having an SMG in your hand in the form of a pistol. This semi-automatic pistol rains bullets like hellfire. Equip it with an extended mag and see enemies falling down in front of you. If you couldn’t find a gun the moment you land and you find this, be confident those suckers won’t be able to touch you. The only downer, the chances of finding any gun are more than finding a P18C.

Bonus – VSS

I know not many would agree, but VSS is one hell of a hideous killer. You shoot it, and your opponent will have no idea what hit them and from where. You only need an extended mag, and you can dominate the game.

These were the best guns I use most of the time and are impressive in their own category. But the best gun is the one that kills.

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza
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