Evolution Of Face Makeup During The Century


Makeup fads are continuously changing, much like fashion trends. And, throughout the last century, society’s perception of what constitutes the face of a perfect cosmetic has shifted.

Lips, for example, were the main center of the face in the early 1900s and were frequently lined in crisp forms. By the 1950s, however, ladies were more likely to have rounder pouts in brilliant red hues. Similarly, fashionable face makeup has evolved dramatically; in the 1930s, minimum hues were favored, and in the 1980s, pastel eye shadow was trendy.

Here’s a look back at what the ideal face of cosmetics has looked like throughout the last 100 years, from the early 1900s until 2019.

According to Vintage Makeup Guide, a sister blog of GlamourDaze that studies the history of early cosmetics, between 1900 and 1919, cinema actors and performers wore makeup nearly exclusively

Even though there were few consumers at the time, the cosmetics sector achieved significant progress. In 1909, Max Factor established his beauty lab to manufacture items for celebrities, and in 1915, the first metal-tube lipstick was invented.

In the early 1900s, both of these breakthroughs influenced society’s preferred cosmetics styles. Women who applied cosmetics favored pale, powdered skin and stained lips throughout the decade.

How Can Women Make Their Faces More Appealing Using Makeup?


The skin around the eyes and the lips of women are naturally darker. Our brains take this as a sign of femininity as a result. The more difference in color between a woman’s eyes, lips, and skin tone, the more feminine — and hence appealing — she is perceived to be.

Because straight males are physically built to be drawn to feminine-looking, fertile women, the effect of heightened outer eye and lip color is strongest on them.

Her face is very symmetrical and even.

According to the Association for Psychological Science, humans enjoy symmetrical faces even when we can’t see symmetry. You may not notice it, but the majority of faces are slightly asymmetrical–one side is broader than the other, eye shapes differ slightly, one cheekbone is less prominent, and so on. The fewer differences a face has, the more appealing it is thought to be. Face Makeup Products can balance out skin tone and contouring, as well as make those features look more symmetrical using eyeliner and lipliner.

Use concealer or foundation.

According to studies, the foundation is the cosmetic with the most influence on how women are seen. This is especially significant at work since studies suggest that women who wear face makeup products online earn more and have a better chance of advancement. Discolorations in the skin’s tone, weary eye bags, and blemishes can make you appear fatigued or unwell.

If you have acne scars or other imperfections, you’re undoubtedly aware that foundation masks don’t always provide complete coverage. This means that even with foundation, your skin tone will be uneven, and you will not get the full benefits of wearing cosmetics. To avoid this, apply enough concealer to cover your flaws before applying foundation.

Similarly, greasy skin can make your skin look less even. Applying powder on top of your foundation can take away the distracting shine. Keep a compact in your luggage to reapply throughout the day as required.

Make Use Of These Scientifically Proven Makeup Enhancements

Face Makeup

If you have the time, energy, and desire, you may boost the power to buy face makeup products even more with these four enhancements:


Studies reveal that a pink tinge to your cheeks makes you seem younger and somewhat aroused to the subconscious mind because it reflects many people’s natural hue in sensuous situations.

Mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner are all must-haves.

Because women’s eyes naturally have greater color variety, eye makeup amplifies this and makes them appear more appealing. You may also apply these cosmetics to make your eyes appear larger, making you appear younger.


This boosts the color contrast in the mouth once more. It’s also no surprise that women who wear red lipstick are considered more attractive by heterosexual males than women who wear a more subdued hue or none at all.


Our brains like symmetrical faces, as we have mentioned. In addition to sharpening your angles, contouring your face may make it more symmetrical.

How Does Makeup’s Social Psychology Affect Your Relationships?

Face Makeup guide

Makeup affects a woman’s capacity to develop new relationships in addition to altering her appearance. Straight males assess a woman’s beauty based on her natural face makeup products or lack thereof, whereas straight women assess other women’s personalities based on their makeup.

Three major results concerning how straight women view one other’s cosmetics have been uncovered via research:

  • Women consider other women who apply cosmetics to be more powerful. The impression that women who use cosmetics are more powerful contributes to the importance of makeup in assisting women in achieving professional success.
  • Women who apply cosmetics are more envious of other women and believe them to be more promiscuous. This is especially true when ladies use sultry cosmetics like eye shadow and dark/bright lipstick.

Women bond more quickly with other women who wear cosmetics that are comparable to their own. We’re drawn to those who are similar to ourselves. It’s no wonder, therefore, that one of the things women look for when forming friendships is cosmetics. When you think about it, to buy face makeup products reveals a lot about women, such as how important beauty is to them, how much attention they crave, and so on.


Consider the impression you want to make and use cosmetics to bring out your inherent beauty. If you want to seem more attractive, you should shop on Distacart for face cosmetics and beauty goods. Distacart offers a wide range of natural beauty items that will make you look and feel confident. Wearing makeup demonstrates a feeling of self-care, making you stand out in a crowd. The best reason to apply makeup is that it provides you with the extra control over your skin that you deserve.

Though there are several positive impacts of cosmetics and advantages to wearing them, you need also consider how well it works on your skin. When you wear cosmetics correctly, your skin will glow and you will feel better about yourself.

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