9 Fashion Trends For Women In 2021


Fashion trends are mood-uplifting. They spark joy and allow you to revel in forward-thinking fashion formats. Whether everyday wear or occasion-based, personalization is the key. But fashion can become boring if not updated. That’s why most influential fashion houses showcase their collections for Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter every year. It also provides fashion editors and fans an insight into trending materials and looks.

In the last year, there has been a tremendous shift in fashion preferences. Comfort clothing and athleisure is not only a common practice but a growing segment in the fashion industry today. Western influences like leggings, sports bras, and crop tops for women, and hoodies, sneakers, and sweatpants for men emphasize activewear. There is no stiffness and formality in fashion but more playfulness and performance. What are the trending fashion statements in 2K21? Let’s find out.

1.  Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

Rechargeable E-Cigarettes

Being fashionable is not only about wearing the best clothes and perfumes but sporting modern accessories. Vaping or e-cigarettes are a stylish and meaningful accessory for women these days. It is available in different sizes, shapes, and flavors.

Many women celebrities and online personalities are posing with a vape disposable kit to get fan-following on smoking an e-cigarette. Vaping does not pose a health risk, unlike traditional cigarettes. It has its distinctive style appeal. You can explore different vape devices at online vape shops, retail stores, or the nearest CBD store. You can even get a discreet vape if you want to avoid vaping publicly.

2.  Fashionable Crop Tops

Fashionable Crop Tops

The crop top is a dress outfit that screams summer vibes. Tummy-baring celebrities have popularized it further. If you’re a social butterfly or a firm believer in casual dressing, wear a crop top under a blazer jacket. Explore a printed bralette-style crop top for your beach trips. Statement sleeves and embellishments can look great on crop tops for evening cocktails.

There are different ways to complement a crop top. Pair a top with high-waisted trousers or ripped boyfriend jeans for a bachelorettes party or with sunny shorts for holidays. Keep your crop top more casual if you want to look bright and boyish.

3.  Patchwork Pleasure

Patchwork is gracing denim to dresses and just about anything in fashion. It is a way of using up fabric scraps to extend the working life of clothing. You can embrace flexibility when wearing a patchwork costume—sporting a patchwork denim skirt for your shopping outing or rocking a patterned patchwork while on vacation are multiple ways to wear the fashion trend this season.

Try modest one-color pieces or colorful combinations in patchwork clothes and accessories. Patchwork maxi skirts, mom jeans in patchwork blue, patchwork print cami dresses, straight leg jeans, or patchwork tote bags are ways to model yourself in patchwork fashion.

4.  Chic Face Masks

Chic Face Masks

This is one particular trend that emerged last year and is reigning supreme in 2K21. Masks are a delicate balance between safety and style. No outfit can look contemporary without a face mask. It is compulsory to wear for self-protection but can be a fashion statement too while covering your nose and mouth.

Opt for mono-color face protection or embellished printed masks with gems, sequins, and rhinestones. Color pair it with your summer or winter office ensemble. Mix and match your neutral face masks with monochrome outfits. You may explore a little sparkle in your face coverings if you have parties or a wedding coming up.

5.  Pearls And Beads

Pearls And Beads

Pearl necklaces and beaded jewelry are stealing the show in 2021. Pearls are no longer just for women in their mid-fifties. Jewelry designers are redefining baroque pearls with signature diamonds for a glamorous upgrade. A freshwater pearl is also a superb choice for your everyday wear.

Beaded jewelry ensembles like earrings, necklaces, chokers, and bracelets are inspiring picks this year. Whether layered or worn alone, colorful beads are an impressive addition to your beachwear and adventure trips. Consider shoulder-grazing beaded earrings for daywear and casual occasions to show your versatility.

6.  Balloon Sleeves

The super-sized sleeves are here to stay. They are a firm fixture right from the 80s to the modern and retro runways and high street. Balloon or puff sleeves add volume to tops, dresses, bodycon dresses, polka-dotted suits, and trench coats and can even take your basic top to the next level.

Puff sleeves are ideal for summers since they shield your skin from suntan. They also give your overall look more control, especially if you have heavy arms. It’s okay to wear trending balloon sleeves to work or on a dinner date.

7.  Sheer Is Glamor

Sheer Is Glamor

The sheer look may look risky to the average Jane, but it is dramatic and statement-making for those eager to look glam. Sheer clothing is a summer outfit inspiration that sets the tone for barely-there dressing. You could wear colorful frocks, hot pants with sheer-styled dresses, and a slip underneath for more coverage.

For a casual day look, you may wear a sheer white dress over a bodysuit. Even net fabrics can look good when styled in a sporty or feminine fashion. A mesh look is irresistible in summers. Wear a mesh lace summer top over a black bathing suit to let your lace look on-trend.

8.  Glitter Inspired

Glitter Inspired

Give a break to pastels and monochrome and opt for a sparkly top. Glittery tops can give you all the glow you need to make your dull and drab days look interesting. Sparkling black outfits, metallic jumpsuits, shimmery espadrilles, sequined skirts, and crop tops, black sequined pants, glitter sunglasses can add hints of luxury to your basic outfits.

Explore glitter in wardrobe, makeup, and hair accessories to upgrade your glamor quotient. Avoid overdoing glitter if you are a beginner to this trend. Balance is the key.

9.  Chunky Sole Loafers

Loafers are back in a big way. These typically low, laceless shoes go well with your favorite jeans, miniskirt, or trousers to elevate your look. Loafers are simple and all-season footwear. You can spice them with embellishments, buckles, textures, and colors.

If you want to flaunt an enduring pair of loafers on your pretty feet, opt for brown or black footwear to match with most outfits. You can swap them for various occasions to help you walk stylishly and peppily.

Bottom Line

Find style inspiration in bold shoulders, delicate florals, knits, denim, layers, patches, textures. They are officially in high fashion this year. Channel your inner grace with headscarves, fringe bags, folk-inspired coats, and knee-high boots.

Consider quirky materials like fishnet and utilitarian cargo pants that are surprisingly chic. Be open to adding a little sparkle and pop colors in your wardrobe for some glittery impact.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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