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The Age Old Game

Card games have been around since the beginning of time. For hundreds of years, they have provided entertainment for people around the world. They were around long before online games, whether consoles, playing poker online, or social media applications. However, card games are still a great way to bring people together, wherever you are in the world.

Not only are there tricks you can learn to amuse people, but there are also so many games that you can play with cards; all are very entertaining. If you take the time to learn them, they can help add a flair of fun to your evening, whether with friends or family. Listed below are some popular card games that you need to learn!

Games You Should Learn

Card Games

  1. Crazy Eights

Crazy eights is a simple game to learn and the perfect way to have fun. The aim of the game is simple – be the first person to get rid of your set of cards! This can be played around the table with friends, at the park, or one to play on a family night inside.

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  1. Snip, Snap, Snorem

A fun name; an even funnier game! This is a high-energy, fun game perfect for playing at parties or a games night. It has everyone up, making even the quietest of the group loud at times.

  1. Go Fish

Go Fish is a game that most people learn when they are young; it is usually one of the first card games you learn. The concept is simple, with the idea centering around matching pairs of cards. If you are the first person to get rid of all of your cards, you win!

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  1. Rummy

Like many of the other games listed, Rummy has the same concept; get rid of all your cards as fast as you can! You start off with 7 cards, and there will be a special float at the side so that you can add flushes, paired cards, or substitute some of your current cards for different ones. The game starts with the King being the float, and then the sequence will work its way down to the Ace card. The aim is to create sets of at least three cards, and you must have a card available at the end to ‘throw away’ in order to win; the perfect game for a fun night with friends.

  1. Pig

Pig is a very similar card game to Rummy, but instead of looking for sets of three cards, you will be looking for four. For this reason, Pig can be more challenging, but if you play your cards right and remain tactical, you can win! This is an incredibly fun and fast-paced game.

  1. Beggar My Neighbor

Although a lot of the other card games listed are all about getting rid of your cards, this game has the opposite intention. When playing Beggar My Neighbor, you have to try and collect as many cards from the opponents as possible. It is better to play this game in a smaller group to increase the tension! A great, competitive game.

  1. War

War is a simple game that anyone can become the master of. You start the game with a few cards, and the aim is to win the deck by playing a higher card than your opponent. There are some set rules in this game that add to the fun but are important to follow, but once understood, this game is a hoot to play with friends. It is great to play in groups or in twos.

  1. Spit

If you are looking for a more challenging card game, this is the one for you. Spit, also known as Speed, will keep you on your toes. The game starts with a few piles of cards lying face down. One pile has just one card, one with two, one with three, etc.

The top card of each pile will be facing upwards. You only have one hand to play in the game and to succeed, you have to be quicker than your opponent. When looking at half of the deck, you will be picking cards and matching them up to the pile by having the next card in the sequence. For example, if you have a 3 on top of the pile, the next card you pick up has to be either a 2 or 4. The first person in the game to empty their piles is the winner!

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