Is Colton Aflalo Part of the Hadid Family? 


Colton Aflalo is a 9-year-old British kid born to the supermodel, Marielle Hadid and her ex-husband, Sammy Aflalo. Although Colton doesn’t have his maternal surname like his cousin Khai Hadid Malik, he is indeed a part of the Hadid Family. 

Let’s find out all about Colton Aflalo, exploring how he fits to carry on the Hadid Legacy. 

Colton Aflalo Birth and Parents 

In August 2014, Marielle Hadid happily announced that she was 33 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. She was expecting Colton Aflalo at that time. So according to this, Colton Aflalo was born in October 2014. He has grown to be a 9-year-old, beautiful boy as of 2023. 

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Marielle Hadid’s accomplishments and fame are not hidden from anyone. She is a successful supermodel and entrepreneur. On the other hand, Colton’s father, Sammy Aflalo is associated with civil engineering and ranching business. Although he isn’t into modeling or any other influential career, his family his strong ties with the entertainment world. In fact, Colton’s uncle, Benji is an Emmy-award-winning writer. 

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Colton Aflalo After Parent’s Divorce 

The whole world knows that Marielle Hadid was previously married to Sammy Aflalo, and he’s the father of her children, Coco and Colton. However, they both separated around 2020. 

Divorce was indeed a huge step which equally impacted Colton and his sister at such a tender age. But Marielle and Sammy have been quite supportive, ensuring that their children never feel alone or forsaken. 

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Apparently, Sammy Aflalo was last seen posing for a picture with Colton and Mohamed Hadid back in 2019. It was a year before the divorce. Possibly, he has been avoiding the limelight since then, and simply taking care of his children away from the public eye. Other than this, the Hadid Family, for sure, pampers them as well. 

There is one more thing to note: Marielle Hadid has been dating another guy for the past three years. He is likely to be involved in Coco and Colton’s lives so far. We really hope that he has a good influence on them. 

Colton Aflalo’s Role in Hadid Legacy 

Colton Aflalo is the grandson of the famous Hadid family which is worldwide recognized and influential in various fields, including fashion, modelling, TV, real estate, and social media. Colton’s maternal aunts, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid along with his uncle, Anwar Hadid have particularly gained immense popularity as influencers. In fact, Colton’s mother, Marielle Hadid is also a supermodel and businesswoman. 

It is highly anticipated that one day, Colton Aflalo will grow up to be a great influencer like other members of the Hadid Family. Talent runs in his genes, right?

Final Words

Colton Aflalo is the apple of the Hadid Family’s eyes since he’s the 9-year-old son of Marielle Hadid. However, unlike his maternal cousin, Khai Hadid Malik, he doesn’t share the “Hadid Surname”. Still, he’s an integral part of the Hadid Family and will eventually carry on their influential legacy.

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