Grand Theft Auto 6: Fans Dropped BIG Teases About Rockstar’s Plans!


GTA 6 fans are dropping some big teases about Rockstar’s games for the final announcement of GTA 6. Here I will tell you some latest news about GTA 6.

GTA followers could have been given a tease for having the final and official hear from Rockstar about GTA 6.

Take-Two Interactive, the Rockstar, the parental company of Grand Theft Automakers, lastly seized an investor’s call for Q3 2020. And there were several eye-catching comments which could deliver a vision of how Grand Theft Auto 6 is coming along and when news will be out.

CEO of Take-Two Strauss Zelnick reiterated that his organization had had its “strongest development pipeline” in the past. However, GTA fans anticipating some of these releases soon may have been sharing a knock-back.

Karl Slatoff Take-Two President, talked about the organization’s progress for the “next five years,” possibly specifying some releases are a way off.

But Slatoff said that fans should be blowing out news in the upcoming months, opening the door to a big announcement in the world.

The Take-Two bigwig explores that “the development of Take-Two pipeline over the some of the next five years is the most various in the history of our company. It includes the releases from our large organizations.

“We will have much more to explore on this slate of titles in the upcoming months.”

While comments of Zelnick could highlight that fans of Take-Two and Rockstar Games titles should be keeping a lookout almost in sometime May, during the call with investors, Zelnick was asked whether fans should anticipate seeing a triple-A release in 2022.

More Updates

GTA 6 is one of the most exceedingly awaited games in the globe, and fans have been losing hope for a final update on the project that could develop nowadays.

However, it has been more than six years since GTA 5 was first released, and fans need to be informed when the next GTA 6 game could be discovered.

Last year came and went without any official news on what Rockstar Games will follow Red Dead Redemption 2 up with, whether it will be Grand Theft Auto 6.

But as 2023 starts, fans have been left losing hope that news on GTA 6 could lastly develop ahead of the release of the next-generation consoles.

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