8 Studying Hacks You Need to Know


Being a student isn’t a piece of cake. A hefty academic load and plenty of other chores can easily drive you nuts. And at some point, it can even feel like achieving success in your academics is simply impossible. But, you have to remember that it’s not. In the list below, we have collected some of the most effective study hacks that will change your student life forever. So, read on to learn how you can become your most productive self and achieve academic success!

Prioritize and Delegate

If you ask us what the main key to student success is, we’d say there are actually two: prioritization and delegation. We all know that students are facing a heavy academic load. They have to deal with a huge number of academic assignments, papers, and exams. And apart from this, they also have other chores, extracurriculars, as well as personal stuff going on every day.

In order to manage it all and avoid burnout, each of you has to learn how to juggle your priorities like a pro. Once you do this, you need to learn to delegate assignments that are out of hand. Use a reliable writing service WritePaper.com to delegate your academic tasks to real pros. By doing so, you will save plenty of time, streamline your studies, and set yourself up for academic success!

Leverage Technology

We bet that many of you are already using this trick to a certain extent. But, do you believe that you are making the most of available technology in your studies? If the answer is yes, you can skip this hack and move to the next one. But, if the answer is no, it is time to change this!

These days, there are plenty of apps and tools that can make your student’s life simple and enjoyable. There are tools for keeping track of your assignments and schedules. Also, there are tools for preparing for exams, writing, editing, and many others. By leveraging all this technology, you can get on the right track in your academics and stay there. So, don’t neglect using this tip.

Find Yourself a Study Buddy

Many students confirm that having a study buddy (or a few of them) is a very powerful motivator. Studying together with someone else can make the whole process so much fun. Besides, you and your buddies can help each other handle complex topics and tasks. So, this is the next tip we’d like to give you – be sure to find such a buddy for yourself too.

Together with your crew, you can gather in a college library, study room, or even your dorm and run productive study sessions. You can do your homework, prepare for exams, or even watch live lectures from YouTube educators together. Trust us, doing all these typical things together with your pals will change everything.

Listen to Music

It has long been proven that music has a positive effect on one’s mood and mental health. It can reduce anxiety and stress, boost motivation, and help you get in the right mood for your study sessions. But that’s not all. Apart from affecting your mood and health, music can also have a huge impact on your brain function and cognitive abilities.

By listening to music during your sessions, you can boost your focus, improve memory and information retention, and also make you much more productive. But, it is important that you pick the right music. It should be something that helps you study better, not distracts you. So, be very mindful when creating your playlist.

And don’t hesitate to invest in some good earbuds so that you isolate yourself from external distractions and also don’t distract others with your music.

Prepare for the Next Morning Before Going to Bed

One of the main keys to ensuring success in everything you do, including studying, is finding a way to start off your mornings productively. That’s where the next tip comes in handy. All you need to do is prepare for your mornings before you go to bed.

For example, if you want to study for an exam, leave your books open on the needed page and your notes on the desk. If you do this before going to bed the next morning, you will be sitting there and studying before you even realize this.

You can use this hack for pretty much everything you need to do. You’ll be amazed at how much this can affect your success rate!

Write To-Do Lists

This must be obvious. Yet, millions of students around the world still don’t use this trick to their benefit. In fact, writing daily and weekly to-do lists is one of the best things you can do for your academic performance and overall success in life. So, if you are still not doing this, you should start ASAP.

Get a convenient to-do app for your smartphone or go the traditional path and buy yourself a small notebook for your lists. And start making to-do lists that contain all the things you need to take care of, get done, or accomplish every day.

Pick the Most Difficult Task First

The next hack is one of the best-known ones. Yet, it is also one of the hardest ones to stick to. Every expert in productivity will tell you that the best way to start your study (or work) routines is to pick the most challenging task and make it the first thing you cross off your to-do list.

There is actually a simple psychological justification behind this trick. The thing is that completing the most complicated task before you do anything else will give you a nice feeling of accomplishment. This feeling will help you catch the momentum and stay productive throughout the day. Besides completing smaller and easier tasks after the most challenging one, you will feel like other things on your to-do list are just a piece of cake.

Rewrite Your Notes by Hand

The next hack we want to share with you definitely sounds somewhat old-fashioned. But, this fact doesn’t make it any less effective. Numerous studies confirm that writing something by hand actually helps you memorize the information better. So, you should try this trick yourself!

In order to study effectively and retain more information, grab all the notes you’ve typed on your phone, tablet, or laptop and take some time to rewrite them by hand. This hack will come especially in handy when getting ready for exams when you need to recap and memorize lots of information.

The Bottom Line

As you all must know, attending college is an everyday challenge that can hold many difficulties and hurdles. However, it doesn’t really have to be like that.

In fact, one of the main things that keep students back from achieving academic excellence is their inability to organize their studies effectively. But, this is in the past. After reading this article, each of you is equipped with a solid set of study hacks that will change your life forever. So, use these tips to make the most of every study session and ensure academic success!

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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