5 Essentials to Have Perfect DIY At-Home Manicure


Whenever you didn’t feel good or had a low-key or a bad day, you took that trip to your favorite salon and got indulged in nail care to feel better. But showing up at a salon’s door every time for treating yourself with self-pampering is next to impossible. Moreover, it is an expensive and time taking thing to boost your sour mood. For every such person who wants to get de-stressed and feel better with an hour-long manicure session, this blog is going to teach you how to take care of your nails with DIY-Manicure Tools. Follow these basic steps of At-home self-ritual that saves your time and money and make it a part of your regular grooming routine.

Essential Things to Get That Perfect Manicure At Home

Cotton Balls and Nail Paint Remover

This goes without saying that the first leading step in any type of manicure is to start with clean hands. Get rid of the old chipped nail paint by cleaning it with Cotton Balls. Soak clean cotton balls in a good quality nail paint remover and take off the previously applied nail color. In case your nails are free of color, clean them with one swipe of remover to get rid of dirt or oil around the nail bed. Follow this step by cleaning your hands with water.

Nail Filer

Another essential tool that you need for the manicure session is a Nail Filer Kit. Filing regularly maintains the uniform length and shape of the nails and makes them look decent and groomed. File the nail edges in just one direction and avoid filing back and forth as they can tear the cuticles. Go slow while buffing and begin from the outside corner and conclude the process in the middle section of the nails.

Bowl of Lukewarm Water

As you get done with shaping and trimming, the next thing you need is a bowl of lukewarm water. Soak your nails in the water and add some gentle liquid soap to clean the nails. You can exfoliate your nails with any scrubber to remove any piled-up grime and layer of dead skin cells. Rub the nails in a circular motion and massage the cuticles. With this, hands will get free from all the dirt and enable sealing the moisture.

 Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle Nipper is another ideal Manicure Tool that is extensively crafted to trim tough and brittle nails. This is a precision tool that you need in your Manicure Tools Set after soaking the nails. Cuticle Nipper is extra sharp and ergonomically designed to ensure trimming and cutting hard nails in the right places without hurting the skin or cuticles. Use this tool only after soaking the nails in lukewarm water which makes them soft for further steps.

Top Coat and Nail Paint

The final product that you need to pamper and make your nails beautiful is to seal with Base Coat and nail paint of your choice. It’s none other than the base coat infused with nourishing elements that sustain the manicure and add a shine to the dull nails. Swipe the base coat on bare nails to protect them from staining and chipping. If you wish, add a pop of color with a coat of your favorite nail paint. Seal it further with a layer of top-coat.

Next time you get manicure ideas in your mind, gather these tools at home and give your hands the much-needed care they deserve!

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
Faheem is the lead editor for The Tiger News. Faheem Haydar is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and digital marketing expert who has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development, e-commerce, content marketing, and more.

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