8 Youngest NHL Players in History

NHL Hockey is the most physically demanding, violent, brutal game. We consider it violent sports because it stands alone at that place where it openly welcomes and encourages actual knockdown between two opponents. It is just like an amateur boxing match and the most entertaining in sports.

We see many players younger and see true warriors and talented athletes. Have a look at some of the youngest NHL players.

Grant Mulvey

Grant Mulvey

Grant is one of the famous athletes who started playing at 18. The first time he played 12 games for the Chicago Blackhawks. Due to this violent sport, he got various injuries. He was the record holder for the youngest player since 1967. He broke the record one day against Dallas Stars in 2013. Grant did the scoring five goals and two assists against the St. Loui Blues.

date of Birth: 17 September 1956

Height: 6’4”


Position: Right Wing

Jack Schmidt

Jack Schmidt is a Canadian kid from Saskatchewan. He played for the wing position at the age of 18 for the Boston Bruins. She has a long playing career to the Boston Bruins. His era was 1942 to 1956.

Jack Schmidt

Jack also served during the second world war, which was not uncommon for many players during the Nazi occupation. His family game is ice hockey, as his brother Joe Schmidt lasted only two games in 1943-1944.

Date of Birth: 11 November 1924

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 70kg

Position:  Infielder

Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy was a popular lawyer and US former. He was a hall of fame center for the Toronto Maple Leafs. His playing career was a prestigious one spanning 1942 to 1957. He is lucky and has a long career in Toronto Maple Leaf and loves the relationship. He was a team captain for eight seasons and the first player in NHL history to win five Stanley Cups.

Ted Kennedy

He won the Hart trophy and annual award as the most valuable player. The amazing fact about him is that he hit the ice running and immediately transformed the team. He recorded the career points in the Finals while being the youngest to score a Stanley Cup-winning goal.

Date of Birth: 12 December 1925

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 77kg

Position:  Right Wing

Jackie Hamilton

Jackie Hamilton was a Canadian ice hockey player and played almost 102 games in the National Hockey League. His era was 1943 to 1946. His NHL career was from 1941 to 1958, including a journeyman throughout the minor league. Jackie Hamilton began his career as a left-winger for the Maple Leafs in 1942.

Date of Birth:  1937

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 77kg

Position:  Left Winger

Don Gallinger

Don Gallinger


Don Gallinger was the Ontario native player for the Boston Bruins. He has pro-level hockey talent, and gas has been a guarantee dating back to hockey’s inception. Gallinger played 222 games from 1942 to 1948. In junior hockey, Don shared the ice with the teammate. He was the quintessential all-around athlete. He fielded and played for the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies.

Date of Birth: 16 April 1925

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 77kg

Position:  Center

Ross Johnstone


Ross Johnstone was a native and defenceman for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ross played 42 games in the NHL, and his name was put on the Stanley Cup in 1945. Ross spent seven years of his career in the minor pros. Moreover, he was the junior hockey defenseman for the Toronto Marlboros. In the 1942-43 Memorial Cup Final, he appeared with the Oshawa Generals. Also, Ross played for the Sundridge Beavers of the Ontario Hockey Association’s Intermediate television.

Date of Birth: 7 April 1926

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 84 kg

Position:  Defenceman

Don Raleigh

Don Raleigh was an Ontario-born player for the New York Rangers. He played almost 535 regular-season games, and his debut came in the 143-1944. Don was only 17 years old when he started playing for the New York Rangers. His nickname was Bones.

Don Raleigh

Don became the first player in Rangers history four goals in a single game. He scored the overtime, winning goals in games four and five against the Detroit Red Wings. He also introduced into the Manitoba Sports and Hockey Hall of Fame

Date of Birth: 27 June 1926

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 68 kg

Position:  center

Bep Guidolin

Bep Guidolin

Bep Guidolin was a Canadian kid and played left wing for the Boston Bruins. Is career years were from 1942 to 1952. He was a huge advocate for the development of a player union. He also met with fierce resistance in the NHL. There were remained battles between players and ownership on his early career demise.

Date of Birth: 12 September 1925

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 79 kg

Position:  Left Wing

Bottom Line

These are the eight youngest BHL players in history who started their careers at 17 or 18th.

They played well and made their name in NHL. It is a violent sport in which got the injuries too.

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