Shadow and Bone Season 3 Cancelled: Reality or Marketing Technique?


Netflix suddenly decided to throw Shadow and Bone Franchise under the rugs, cancelling the main series and prospective spin-offs.

This news has taken the fans by storm, encouraging them to raise their voices to save Shadow and Bone. It started on 16th November when a fan with a “Cryptical 723” username started the petition. Following this, fans from all over the world began signing the petition to Amazon Prime Video Brasil, Netflix, HBO, and The Walt Disney Company.

The official page reads the following for why this petition matters:

Netflix has prematurely canceled any prospects of season 3 and the Six of Crows spin-off. The Crows and Alina deserve to have their stories finished, not left on a ridiculous cliffhanger and left in the dust.

This is a petition to gain the attention of other streaming services, such as Amazon, Hulu, HBO, or any other streaming services so we can receive the third season like we deserve. Warrior Nun has done it; the Grishaverse is as large and passionate, and we can do it too. PLEASE SIGN so we get the season 3 and spin-off we deserve!

171,635 people have signed the petition on to save Shadow and Bone. However, nothing has worked so far. The creators aren’t likely to change their decision any sooner. 

Come to think of it, I just can’t believe Netflix did this to one of the best series it ever had. The Grishaverse has a massive fanbase throughout the world and everyone highly praises the series storyline, casting, and visuals. There was nothing wrong at all. 

Why would they do it? Budget or demand can’t be a reason. 

Screenrant states that “The viewing numbers didn’t justify the production costs, and that’s why it was cancelled”.

We all know that this is not true. Shadow and Bone has a huge fanbase and everybody literally loved the live-action adaption. Why would the viewing numbers be low? The reception was great by all means and in fact, we all were waiting for another series which features only Six of Crows.

So is it possible that this is nothing but just a marketing ploy? 

“Make the audiences crave for it”, is one of the widely mantras in the Entertainment Industry. They give us a taste of something good and then snatch it. We literally keep posting on the internet so that they can revive a series or film franchise. 

We often hear “on audience demand, we have finally decided to bring this back”. So who creates this demand? That’s the trick. 

The production companies, sometimes, cancel a series to grab the audience’s attention. This way the series becomes even more famous as the audience starts demanding it. 

The creators might have thought that since Darkling is dead, nobody would love to watch Shadow and Bone any further. So let’s play a little game with the audience. Let’s cancel the series and trick them into asking for renewal.

Don’t you think this is what might have happened? 

There’s a possibility that instead of renewing the main series, they will bomb us with a spin-off. A spin-off we always desired: Six of Crows. They will probably wrap up the main storyline within this spin-off. But who knows exactly what happens!

Well, whatever happens, as Leigh said “We are book people and that means we never stop imagining that magic can be made real”.

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya is a professional blogger, having 4+ years of experience with reputable online magazines, including usupdates, gistrat, newscase, and many more. She loves to cover entertainment niche, as she has a passion for watching and talking about multi-genere American, Korean, Japenese films, series, and anime. She critically analyzes everything to write unbiased reivews.

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