Three of the Best Inshore Fishing Spots in the Northern Hemisphere


There is no shortage of fishing spots out there, though the most active waters are busy with trawlers and large-scale industrial fishing.

If you want the quieter, more typical fishing experience, then you’ll want the best inshore fishing destinations. Fortunately, you can find many of these within North America or Western Europe.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Prince Edward Island is one of Canada’s biggest destinations for local and visiting anglers. It’s a quaint area filled with old fishing villages, whose offshore waters are filled with a variety of fish and shellfish.

Naturally, its businesses have developed to become tourist-friendly due to renewed interest in the region through fishing.

With fishing and tourism being the island’s main industries, it makes sense that they have combined to provide anglers with a range of fishing experiences.

Through the internet, it’s easier than ever to find spots like Prince Edward Island and travel to them. Other online services tap into fishing and its popular and recognisable themes, best seen with iGaming slots that are designed around angling adventures.

Those services allow players to experience the drama of Big Bass Splash at Paddy Power without chartering a boat out to sea. For those who can travel, places like Prince Edward Island offer inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing opportunities.

As for what Prince Edward Island offers, its shore-adjacent waters are filled with trout, perch and Atlantic mackerel. Then there’s North Lake, Canada’s bluefin tuna capital where chartered boats allow visitors to experience catching sea monsters that can weigh over 800 pounds.

Nearby Nova Scotia is also full of fishing opportunities, highlighted on the official Nova Scotia website so both provinces tend to come as a package deal when tourists venture north.

Key West, United States

Key West (and the Florida Keys as a whole) is one of the most iconic destinations in Florida – a state already filled with larger-than-life attractions. For anglers, however, Key West is the best place to be. While the Keys are known to be a holiday spot for the older and wealthy state residents, Key West hosts many sport-fishing sites and fishing charters into the Gulf of Mexico.

For inshore fishing, the murky waters of the Everglades are just north of the island. That includes mangrove islands where fish like trout, mangrove snappers, permit and tarpon congregate. Tarpon is an ideal fly-fishing candidate, for those who want to try their hand at wrestling these silvery saltwater game fish.

Further out to sea, the waters near the Keys provide striking blue tropical fishing grounds with flats and reefs nearby. Key West’s position right at the tip of the Keys makes it the perfect launchpad for whatever kind of fishing you want to pursue. It’s also active year-round, though your luck with different fishing spots will rotate with the seasons.

Angler’s Paradise, United Kingdom

Across the pond, Britain is more famous for its fierce North Sea fishing and other trawling operations around the island. However, modern reel-spinning anglers started in England, after the English Civil War left many sourcing their own food from Britain’s rivers and lakes. Today, places like Angler’s Paradise have been uniquely designed to let people fish.

Unlike the other two locations, Angler’s Paradise in Devon is an arrangement of 30 lakes that house many species and sizes of fish. While it looks wild, it was built to provide a fishing holiday for both grizzled anglers and families casting their first bait. That makes it one of the most accessible and varied fishing experiences for those already living on the British Isles. It can also be a great holiday destination for those arriving from abroad, given that Devon is one of Britain’s southernmost, sunniest regions.

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