Arrowverse is Dead After Arrow, Flash, and Legends!


Every fan will agree that it was Arrow, Flash, and Legends holding Arrowverse together. We lost all of them one by one. But for what? Nothing’s left now. Even the Justice League of Arrowverse doesn’t exist without Oliver, Barry, and Sara. 

No matter how many new series they bring forth, Arrowverse will not be the same. It will never be revived. Not even Superman and Lois can fill the gap. 

It was Arrow who started this all and honestly, everything fell apart after the series finale. The creators didn’t even pursue Green Arrow and Canaries so that Arrow’s legacy could be continued. 

The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow were the closest thing we had to Arrow. Both of them also ended. Just like that… 

At least, the creators could have continued The Legends of Tomorrow. They didn’t have to cancel it without a proper farewell. Unlike The Flash, everything including the storyline and reception of Legends of The Tomorrow was up to mark. 

Just imagine how adventurous it would have been to see Sarah and Ava’s babies coming into this world. That won’t be any easy, right? And who knows if John Constantine would have come back to Zari 2.0. We do deserve to see all this. 

All we can now do is hope for new generations to take over and come back with a bang. It will be highly unjust if the creators don’t let us see Oliver, Flash, and every Legend’s children following their footsteps. 

I am certain that this will happen one day. All of them will be back. 

Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya
Kiran Yahya is a professional blogger, having 4+ years of experience with reputable online magazines, including usupdates, gistrat, newscase, and many more. She loves to cover entertainment niche, as she has a passion for watching and talking about multi-genere American, Korean, Japenese films, series, and anime. She critically analyzes everything to write unbiased reivews.

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