How To Promote YouTube Channel In 2022

YouTube is the second most popular social network where users actively watch videos, comment and forward them to their friends. But if you own a channel, the questions are: “How to develop your channel?”, “What to show to subscribers” and “How to optimize content?” come up by themselves. And our article is just about that.

What videos to make for YouTube

All videos can be divided into direct advertising and native content. The difference is that direct advertising is aimed only at active sales.

Native content enters people’s minds unobtrusively and unnoticeably. Native content on YouTube includes informational and entertaining videos: shows, interviews, reviews, tips, guides, etc.

A popular approach to creating native content is to shoot videos that will meet the needs of the audience: “Top 5…”, “How to make it yourself…”, “Why… costs so much”, “Where to find…”, etc.

Such videos may not contain a commercial offer, but they can do a lot of good – increase brand awareness and audience loyalty. The good thing about native content is that it has a positive impact on brand reputation.

How to design and optimize a channel

Once a YouTube channel has been created, the logical question arises as to how to design it? Businesses most often use a corporate style in their design: color, font, logo, and other elements.

How to choose a channel icon

The channel icon is an avatar that is displayed on the channel, in comments, when viewing videos, in recommendations, in searches, etc. Though it is recommended to set the image 800x800px, the icon is almost always displayed on a small scale. A common mistake is to put an image with text on the icon. With such a small image, the text is guaranteed to be unreadable.

To associate your avatar with the desired brand, we recommend limiting your avatar to a laconic logo and choosing your company colors for the background. Bloggers, more often, put a portrait photo on their avatar.

How to create, customize and optimize playlists

The purpose of a playlist is to structure videos by topic, type, and content format. They should be created when at least 5-10 videos are uploaded to the site. A playlist serves as navigation and helps the user navigate the YouTube channel better.

When you upload content to YouTube, the program will automatically suggest which playlist to put it in. To create convenient navigation, you need to think about what principle it is better to do: by content formats, topics, presenters, or other important criteria.

How to optimize videos for YouTube


The name for the video is created at the moment when the topic and concept are thought of. It is at this stage you need to find key phrases that will clearly reflect the essence of the story. Choose those key phrases that are most often used by users in a search query, and around such phrases build informative, stop-scrolling, and catchy headlines.


Tags help YouTube’s search algorithms understand the meaning of a video and display it in searches for a relevant query. 500 characters – this is how many symbols the program allocates for tagging.

End screens

End screen is another way to keep the audience on the channel. It lasts up to 20 seconds, which is more than enough time for the user to see the announcements of other videos.

Up to 4 of the suggested elements can be loaded into the end screens: videos, playlist, “subscribe” button, and any link.

What about promotion

These days, when there are so many competitive channels, it is hard to get started and gain the trust of the public. Where to find subscribers? How do you get views? How do you get a lively discussion under your videos?

There are many promotion tools but today we would like to talk about only one of them: buying YouTube services for promotion.

There are specialized sites where you can buy cheapest YouTube views,  subscribers, and comments for your channel. This is called an SMM panel.

It is important to choose only reliable sites so that the algorithms of video hosting will not ban you. If you buy YouTube views, likes, and comments from real people, there will be no problems.

Someone will say that this method does not work. But let’s tell the truth: people are attracted to that content and those channels that already have an audience. Most likely, you will choose a video with a lot of views. After all, if so many people have already watched it, then it means that it is something interesting, useful, and worthwhile.

So order promotion and do not worry about it!

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