How to Discover People’s Birthday

There are people who come into our lives and touch it in a way we never imagined, bringing joy and happiness we never thought possible. This makes us wish to show them how much they mean to us. Picking a birthday is one of the thoughts that come to mind. It becomes a mission impossible if you have no idea or have forgotten when the date is. That is where methods on how to discover people’s birthday comes in. This is part of the solutions on how to find someone’s birthday – birthday lookup guide.

These ideas will help you find out the date of birth using a number of sources. Since you are here, then it means asking directly from the source is not one option that is on the table. But there are other ways you can get the information from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Birthday look up options are not available in the United States only as you can find ways on how to find someone’s birthday in Canada too.

Find Out from the Individual

One way would be to start sharing memorable birthdays that you had with the person. Ask them to share theirs too. You can also ask them to give you a picture of their ideal kind of birthday. This will help you better understand what you need to do for the person’s birthday. Make sure you drive the conversation towards them revealing their date of birth.

Another idea would be to ask them if they share a birthday with any famous people. You can also ask them if there are any attributes that they notice between them and these famous people since they share a birthday. Share your own observations too as not to raise suspicion.

Find Out from their Personal Documents

If this doesn’t work, you can try finding the information from their personal documents. These are documents like curriculum vitae, passport, government issued ID, birth certificates, driver’s license and Social Security Number. These documents have date of birth on them. If there is a way to get hold of them, then you can have your answer.

Easily accessible documents from these are driver’s license and ID. A lot of people carry them around with them wherever they go. You can trick the person to show them to you. Tell them you would like to compare their document photo with how they look now, for example.

Find out from Friends, Family and Colleagues

If the person is not someone you are that close with, you can consult with other people who are constantly around them. This can be the person’ close friends, family members or colleagues at work. These people are highly likely to have an idea of the exact date. Approaching them would be a great idea.

It’s usually much easier if they are people you are familiar with. But if not, you need to be very gentle with your approach as some people might not take kindly to a stranger asking about a date of birth information on someone close to them.

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with these people. You can meet them in person, call them or send them a message. In a situation whereby you are looking to surprise the person on their birthday, you need to make these people aware so as not to alert the individual.

It might happen that the individual is a colleague at work. In such a case, you can even ask from your boss about the individual’s date of birth.

These are some of the ideas out there on how to discover people’s birthday. The above listed methods are proof that there are more ways to locating a birthday. Try these ideas and find out which one works for you. All you need to invest on them is your time.

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