How to create a letterhead ways and tips

Company letterhead is a tool for strictly business document management. It is a mandatory element of corporate documentation, just like a logo, whether it is created independently or with the help of Turbologo.

The official letterhead is primarily a document with unchanging content: elements that create a certain template for further filling in. It is used for business correspondence, sending commercial offers, and other variants of corporate documentation: by classical mail, e-mail, or photocopies.

The visual design of documents is sometimes crucial for business and the reputation of the company. So you need to approach the development of a template with maximum responsibility. In this article, we will tell you how to create a company letterhead and consider some appropriate ways.

What should be on the letterhead

In many countries, there are state standards governing the content of letterheads of organizations. According to their requirements, as well as generally accepted rules for business documentation, letterheads may include:

  • The name of the organization. This is the most important identifier and a key tool for recognizing the company;
  • Company logo. It is the main component of the company’s image. A letterhead with a logo speeds up identification;
  • Pro requisites. They should indicate the legal address of the organization, and other important details of the company;
  • Contacts for communication. The actual address of the company, phone numbers, website, and email;
  • The title of the document. The header of the document, followed by a text block with content;
  • The template data is contained at the bottom of the document, repeated on each page.

Important. An unspoken requirement is to avoid abbreviations and unknown abbreviations, to specify the full name of the organization

How to create company letterhead

It is not so difficult to design the letterhead of the company. It is important to comply with the standards. But the design of the form is also crucial. Let’s take a closer look at the ways to create them.  These options, are suitable for every interested user: simple and do not require specific knowledge in the field of design and typography.

Creating letterhead in specialized services

There are many different programs on the market for creating letterhead, and among them, there are bound to be those that are much better than others or those that do not stand up to the competition at all. To make the task easier, take advantage of online services with ready-made solutions for creating forms and corporate identity for your organization as a whole.

Creating company letterhead via MS Word

This method is not as convenient, because it requires a lot of time and at least minimal design skills. Before creating it is advisable to draw a rough version by hand to understand what elements to use and where they should be located. Although creating a letterhead in MS Word will require more time, you can be sure that it is unique. And you can create it in two ways:

  1. Create and save a new document. In it, using the tools for font and point selection, write down the main elements. A trivially simple variant. There are a few recommendations: the name of the organization should be 2 times the text of the address, and the color and style should match the logo. For the other elements, it is desirable to use the same font, changing its size.
  2. Using a template. Among the standard Word documents are templates for letterheads. It is enough to choose a suitable one and customize it by filling in all the required fields. Next, simply save the document.

Creating company letterhead in the designer

Constructors are suitable for the development of corporate identity and all the elements that should be on the official documents of the company. However, the others from the table also have the necessary functionality. Let’s consider one of the services as an example.

Step 1: The logo

You can create a logo with the help of the step-by-step online constructor. In the logo editing tools, there is a «Forms» category, you need to go to them. You will then be prompted to create your logo, via the «Create» icon.

Step 2: Design

Here you can choose a suitable design from the proposed options and edit them. After that, continue with the settings by clicking «Next».

Step 3: Details

Here you can enter requisites and other data to be displayed on the form. After that continue with the «Next» button.

Step 4: Downloading

The «Download» button is the last in this chain. You can obtain a form template in a suitable format.

Samples of letterheads

On the one hand, the letterhead – is a strict business document, so liberties with its design are not welcome. On the other hand – small visual differences can and should be. For example, it would be quite logical for the letterhead of a medical office to be visually different from the letterhead of the law firm. We have selected a few examples to show this. By the way. These rules apply to other printed company products, such as business cards. The corporate colors, font, and unique visual elements of the brand should all work together to make it recognizable.

Medical office letterhead

Decorative elements are not welcome in this document. The layout should be concise and neat. The emphasis is on specific data: from contacts and names of medical staff to information contained in the main message.

Law firm letterhead

A monochrome design that emphasizes the authority of the organization looks favorable. The style is laconic. Nothing superfluous in the information. It is recommended to make a visual accent on the logo of the company.

The letterhead of a construction company

Minimalism and a little creativity are the recommended characteristics of a document for such a company. Geometric visual elements look spectacular. You can try to convey to them the specifics of the company’s work.

Letterhead of a travel company

In this case, it is allowed to deviate from the mandatory requirement of brevity. Even on the contrary: corporate letterheads of travel companies should be colorful and bright, preserving the atmosphere of travel. Warm colors, decorative graphic elements, and even photos are only welcome.

School letterhead

A formal style, muted color scheme, and visual emphasis on the logo are recommended to emphasize the solidity of the educational institution. Watermarks can be added to the background to create a three-dimensional effect on the document.

Tips for creating a letterhead design

Since letterhead is an important attribute of brand identity, it should work for it. That is, provide identity among other things, look recognizable and increase company recognition. How to achieve it:

  • Focus on the specifics of the business. The visual range should contain the general style and direction of the company. Sample letterhead above;
  • Add colors. You don’t have to turn the document into a colorful template. But an appropriate color accent will always be a winner;
  • Use contrasting combinations. Highlight one element in color, make a colored frame or footer, or pick a matching colored background for the entire document;
  • Use graphics or photos. Graphics are an almost universal solution, while photos are suitable for brands working in the creative sphere;
  • Experiment with geometry. This is the best way to emphasize the minimalistic laconic style of the document, create a sample, and evaluate it;
  • Variety of ideas. Asymmetric or slanted cap, stylistic repetition of site design, adding geometric shapes related to company symbols;
  • The less – the better. The main thing in the design of the document – is functionality. The letterhead primarily conveys certain messages, the visual only complements it.

Shortly about the main thing

Designing company letterheads is a responsible task. Using modern tools and tips given in this article, you can create a complete and unique version of the document template. Creating letterhead is not such a scary thing, but you should remember – this article provides only general points that should be adhered to when drafting letterhead, the rest is up to you.

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