5 Ways to Up Your Seasonal Sales Using Social Media

Social Media is a goldmine for advertisers and companies. Here are 5 things to keep in mind that can help you effectively use social media to raise your seasonal sales. 

Social media platforms have an enormous number of users from all parts of the world and all age groups. No matter what you try to sell, you know you will find a huge customer base on these social media platforms. Thus, making these platforms a goldmine for businesses and advertisers. A study by Forbes looked into how social media is being used by shoppers and found that about two-thirds of shoppers used social media as part of their shopping experience.

When used correctly, social media can be one of the most powerful advertising tools for any company and can easily be used by small and large businesses. All you need is the right marketing strategy, and you are good to go.

Regular Attention-Grabbing Posts

The most crucial aspect of advertising has attention-grabbing content. You can have the best product, but you won’t get enough attention without the proper advertisement. Advertising your product gets trickier with social media because often, social media platforms have a time limit for how long stories and posts are visible. So not only do you need the content to be eye-catching, but you must also be regular.

It’s good to create retail posters, interesting short clips, interactive posts, and other such content and post it at least once every day ahead of sales and product launches. You need to ensure that customers are not just attracted to your products but are also reminded about them regularly so that they look more into them.

Make Use of Social Media Polls

Polls are now available on almost all social media platforms. They are not just an excellent way to increase customer engagement but also a suitable means to get an insight into what’s popular amongst customers at the moment. For example, if you run a clothing company, you can post polls about which styles the customers want, what colors customers are looking for, and compare your products.

All these things will allow you to get your products out more because the customers will now be thinking more about the products and will also give you customer feedback for future reference. You can also use them before launching new products to know which products are more sought after in the next season.

Get the Customers Involved

A considerable part of marketing is having customer interaction and customer engagement. Social media can be slightly tricky, but there are a few ways to do so. Using user-generated content can play a vital role in your advertising campaign. If this is something that you do regularly on your social media platform, people would be aware of that and would probably want to participate in the future too.

A good strategy is to create specific hashtags every season for your products and encourage customers to post content with your products. Once they do so, you can feature their content on your platform. Doing so would encourage other customers to participate in the trend and lead to more visibility of your product.

Use Successful Marketing Campaigns and Make Maximum Use of Holidays

Particular campaigns like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are global hits and very popular among businesses and customers. You should make sure that you use their popularity and social media to promote your products when such campaigns are near.

Another good idea is to know which holidays are popular each season and create content to work with them. For example, in winter, it is a good idea to create content highlighting Christmas and Christmas sales in December. Valentine’s Day is another holiday that sees a boost in shopping, so curating your products according to that is likely to bring in more customers. If you are in the United States, the Fourth of July is a big time for shopping and sales in the summer, and you should be very active on social media.

You should look into your local holidays for each season and create content according to those to further boost sales.

Collaboration with Influencers

Influencers are a big part of every social media platform. They are often reached out to by companies so that they can promote the company’s products. It is an excellent strategy to collaborate with influencers because it not only gives customers a review of your product but also increases your customer base.

Influencers often have giveaways for products at the start of the new season and have specific discount codes for their fans. Collaborate with someone during a seasonal sale. They will promote your event, which means that their followers will now be receiving content about your product and will look into your products, which will inadvertently increase your sales.

The Bottom-Line

Social media content is now so heavily consumed that every business is now using it. But you must ensure you do not drown in this sea of advertisements. You need to plan your social media marketing strategically to stand out in this crowd and gain as many new customers as possible. Even if you are a small business, with these basic strategies, you can boost your sales without spending too much on advertisement by increasing your customer base and engagement.

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