Who is Rhonda McCullough?Measurements,Achievements and Honors


Who is Rhonda McCullough?

Rhonda McCullough


Rhonda McCullough (1958) was born in Maud, near Dallas, Texas, a famous writer and speaker. She attended high school at Plano Senior High School. These are all the details available about her education.

She taught English at Plano East Senior High School. Then she started taking it as a skill, and she wrote many books on improving literacy rates among teens. Her famous book “The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Leave School & Get a Real-Life Education” sold more than 100,000 copies. She has been a speaker at SXSW Interactive, TEDxMaui, and called “Top 100 Women in Business” by Texas Woman Magazine. Now she runs her own training company named “RDM Consulting Group LLC.”

Rhonda’s Place of Residence

This information is not public, but it’s known that Rhonda lives in Dallas, Texas.

Achievements and Honors

Rhonda holds many accolades as an educator. She obtained a “Best Teacher of the Year” award from Texas ( 1993). Her first book even made a place on Amazon’s Top 100 Editor’s Picks list.

She has received several awards as a corporate trainer and speaker. She won speaker of the Year honors from Toastmasters International (2014). Her book is called the Best Career Book by Goodreads (2013).

Rhonda McCullough’s Spouse

Rhonda McCullough


Rhonda’s marital status is currently unmarried. She has two daughters named Sarah and Rebecca and a son named Andrew.

Net Worth

Well, this information is private. There are no data available about worth. But an estimated net worth of Rhonda’s is $200,000.

Further Critical details

Many details have not been revealed about her personal life. Her body measurements are still unavailable.

Rhonda McCullough

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