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Few people were born to highlight society’s evils; Jeff Tiedrich is a famous person among them. Jeff Tiedrgich is an American political graphic designer, musician, activist, and loudmouth. Still, he is best known to make negative comments against the current President of the USA, Donald Trump, on social media, especially Twitter.

Jeff Tierdich- The Untold Truth


 On March 16, 1957, this celebrity was born in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA. He is the son of US Army officer, Warren Tiedrich who served in the Korean War from 1951 to 1953. His mother, Joan Diamond Tiedrich, was Jewish, and Jeff was raised as a Jew. That’s why he moves to the temple with them. He has a two years younger sister named Ellen.

 He enrolled in 1975 from the Morris Hills High School. He completed his graduation in 1978 from the Parson School of Design. He holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. Later, he started his journey as a musician along with graphic designing.

Jeff Tiedrich

Music Career and Graphic Design

He started his career as a musician in 1973. Later, he joined a musical band called Alligator, where he played the role of a leading vocalist and guitarist. He uploads the videos of the band continually on social media. In his YouTube channel titled after him, he shares all performances by the band.

 As a graphic designer, he has done many jobs. He usually designs multiple things and also works as a freelancer. Jeff has a graphic design company, Tiedrich Design Group LLC, of which he speaks as his day job.

Career as a political blogger 

Jeff is a political blogger who has gathered public attention through Twitter. Firstly, he was a mysterious and unknown man who constantly criticized Donald Trump on Twitter. His Twitter account was flagged after ten years of appearance.

 He has called Donald Trump many names, including “a fucking idiot,” ‘underwhelming privileged fuck’, ‘incompetent imbecile’ that have made Jeff more popular with Trump’s opposition.

Personal life 

Jeff Tiedrich

There is not much information about Jeff’s love life. He happily married Claudia Long, who is 8 years younger than him. The couple gave birth to a daughter, Katherine chandler (1991). She is also a proud founder of a webcomic on video games, Awkward Zombie

Net Worth

 Her net worth is 300,000 dollars. Jeff got all that amount as a musician, political blogger, and graphic designer.

All about the Body Measurements of Jeff Tiedrich

Here are the body measurements of this star:

  •  Weight: approx 83Kg (182lbs)
  •  Height: 5 ft 8 in(1.80m)
  •  Shoe Size: 15.5 US
  • Biceps Size: 23 inch
  • Body Measurement: approx. 44-24-40 inches

Further critical details of Actress

  •  Birthdate: March 16, 1957
  •  Age: 64 years old   
  •  Eye Color: Light Brown
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Nationality: American
  •  Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married, Claudia Long


To sum it up, Jeff is a constant threat to Trump. He has vast fans lists on social media platforms and has gained above 700,000 followers on Twitter. (updated April 2021)

Jeff Tiedrich


What’s Tiedrich’s name?
Jeff  is a graphic designer, a musician, a person who says a lot, and a political blogger.

 Tiedrich is already married?
Yes. He is already taken. He got married to the creative director and copywriter Claudia Long Tiedrich.

 Jeff Tiedrich height?
He is 5.10 feet tall.

 How much money is Jeff Tiedrich worth?
4million US dollars.

Why is he well-known?
He is known for his graphic design and music series. After people talked about his tweets about the US president, he became more popular. However, his tweets went viral. He has 40,000 followers on Twitter and is building a new brand.

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