Why should you get a Custom Plaque Engraving?

Some specific moments and achievements tend to warm our hearts when we look at them. However, when left uncared for, these achievements and accolades are susceptible to wear and tear. It doesn’t matter what it is; it can be your academic achievements, athletic medals, or even recognition for contributing to society. Plaques are specially designed to preserve and protect these achievements.

Nothing seals the deal like getting Custom Engraved Plaques. Plaques can be used to preserve virtually anything, from a baby’s first graduation certificate to an employee of the year award. A plaque helps to highlight some of the key moments of your life and those of your loved ones. 

With these plaques, you can display your name and date of the achievement as a reminder of how far you’ve come and where you intend to head to. Here are some amazing reasons why you must get a custom plaque engraving.


Makes an Award more Meaningful

An engraved plaque contains your name, the date you achieved the milestone. A custom engraving helps add a personal touch to your plaque. This helps show the difference between a trophy or award that was bought at a convenience store and one that you actually worked for. 

Of course, engraving will cost a little more compared to leaving it as it is. However, the value attached to the award or trophy will no longer be about the monetary value alone. If you are presenting the trophy to someone else, it is best to make it feel special to the recipient.

An engraved plaque has meaning to you in a business setting and speaks a lot about you to your clients. A client will get automatically impressed by your achievements when they walk into your office and notify them on the walls. Through custom engraving, you can effectively show your work ethic and the quality of your services to a prospective client.


They are Affordable

A custom engraved plaque brings out some level of elegance, making most thinking it’s pricey. However, with the right service provider, you are guaranteed the best results at an affordable budget. Some of them even offer various packages, one of which could fit within your budget.


Ideas for Custom Engraving

There are multiple contexts where you can apply custom plaque engraving. The award or trophy could be of a professional or personal nature. However, the entire point of custom engraving is to give the award a personal touch. 

You have the freedom to choose the words to be engraved, where they are to be written, and the specific design to be used. All the details you are looking to attach to the plaque are engraved in your chosen font. If you are undecided on what to engrave, you can always consult to ensure you get it right.


Helps Protect Your Award

Over time, your trophies and awards may start to tear, wrinkle, and can even crack. This is usually a result of exposure to the elements or effects of aging. With an engraved plaque, you can protect your awards and trophies, allowing them to last longer. That way, you can keep the memory alive, both in your mind and physically.


Engraving vs. Not Engraving

Certificates and trophies cannot always be kept out for long because they can easily tear or wrinkle. Certificates also have a shelf life, meaning in time, proof of your achievements could get lost. It’s for this reason that most people today opt to get plaques. However, some find themselves asking the difference between an engraved plaque and one that is not. The bulk of the difference is in the type of achievement and aesthetics.

An unengraved plaque is a preserved award or trophy with a label of the achievement. On the other hand, an engraved plaque features an engraved description of the achievement and a customized trim to boost aesthetics.


Summing Up

There are multiple ways to get the job done when it comes to engraving. You can choose to go with laser engraving associated with prestige or go for personalized handwork. All in all, engraving your achievements is a good way of commemorating your achievements for future generations to remember you by.

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