Elon Musk is the result of His One off the Mistake with His Step daughter Jana Bezuidenhout

Elon Musk’s father says his daughter was the result of his one-off mistake.  Jana Bezuidenhout, an ex-wife of a South African wealthy businessman, has been accused of humiliating the family.

Errol also revealed that his sixth child Elliot Rush was conceived in the heat of the moment after her ex-boyfriend had thrown out Jana. Elon Musk’s father has had a baby with his own stepdaughter, 42 years his junior.

Errol Musk, a father of Tesla Motors chief, has a 10-month-old baby boy named Elliot Rush Musk with his stepdaughter Jana Bezuidenhout. He told to newspaper; I don’t want to call it a mistake because no child wants to hear that they were a mistake. It all happened when Jana’s boyfriend threw her out of the house, and she slept over at my house.

Furthermore, he said, I have been single for 20 years and a man who makes mistakes. He also cleared that Jana and his son are loving on his Langebaan property, an hour outside Cape town, but they are not in a relationship. It is an extraordinary revelation for the bitter family feud that has engulfed one of the world’s richest families.

Errol was an evil and a terrible human being by Elon Musk, who said his father had done almost every evil thing you can think of. Jana’s mother, Heidi Mai Musk, described her former husband as a bad man who ruined everything for the family.


Jana was four years old when Errol married Heide. Errol’s relationship with Jana Bezuidenhout is one reason he is estranged from his billionaire son Elon.


There is a picture of Jana with her mother Heide cradling Elliot Musk, her former husband and daughter, next to her daughter with Errol.


There was a picture of Jana with Elon when she was raised. His second wife, Heide, was a widow with three young children when she met Errol. Heide’s ex-husband died in a car crash, and Errol helped her little ones, Jock junior, Jana, and Harry.


Heide said He caused an incredible amount of pain, former and his children; even he makes his own stepchild pregnant that he blows it out for the world. Furthermore, she said that we are trying to get peace in our hearts, but he has ruined everything.

Meanwhile, Errol also had three children from his first marriage to High School sweetheart and socialite Maye Haldeman Elon. Heide and Errol had two daughters named Alexandra Ali Musk and Rose Musk.

Elon Musk’s father


There is a picture of Errol holding his son and said he gave Elon and his two siblings a luxurious upbringing in Pretoria. Elon earned his billion dollars at the age of 30.

Elon was standing beside a rocket in El Segundo


In March 2004, Elon was standing beside a rocket in El Segundo, Los Angeles. The worth is £20 billion. He launched a Tesla car into space but has not spoken to his father for 18 months.


In an interview, Errol admitted that the 30-year-old Jana had given birth to his baby and failed to disclose that she was his stepdaughter. On asking the response of Heide’s criticism, he said he found it strange that she lushed out and claimed that she begged him to take her back every month.

Elon Musk’s father

Elon, a SpaceX founder, has a £20 billion fortune that went berserk when he knew that his stepsister Jana lived with him as a youngster and had his father’s child. He said with tears he was such a terrible human being; you have no idea. My dad will plan evil almost every crime you can think of he has done. It’s terrible; you can’t believe it.

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