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If you take a look back at your childhood, you might remember that there is a game that always accompanies you even in a hard time. This game gives you the most joyful nostalgia that you cannot even forget and always stay at your heart. Quick Checker is the game that everybody loves until the end of the day. Even though technological advancement has improved a lot throughout the decade, it still does not change the fact that the game is still fun and enjoyable to play so that you and your friends can remember the good old days in your childhood together.

Speaking of Quick Checker, it is a game created by GamoVation located in the Netherlands. It is a classic board game where you can literally face random and new people across the world. the idea of this game is like a chess game. You have to move your piece and eat away the enemies’ piece so that when they are running out of pieces and only have several pieces when the time ends, you can claim victory over your enemies. As it is brain-challenging, people can easily get mesmerized and entertained for a long period of time that they will not feel the boredom of playing the game because this game is so classic that they forget there are many modern games to choose from. Despite that, the endearing experience that this game offers are just over-the-top remarkable and people can spend many hours experiencing the best atmosphere of nostalgia whenever they play the game. Furthermore, with the exclusive feature that this game offers, it is undoubtful that this game will flop and will only create a love for its players. Here are some splendid features that the game offers.

  1. Battle New People

Quick Checker enables you to feel the excitement of playing 1vs1 mode with literally everyone in the world. to add more fun to it, the selection of the enemies will be random and you cannot even predict how the game is going to flow. You may face some difficulties in facing the enemies, but you need also to come up with a comeback strike so that you can keep up where you leave. Also, as you battle against anyone, this means that it opens up the possibility for you to study a specific move that people use based on where they are from and you can place a conclusion for it.

  1. Avatar Customization

As you face various people across the globe, you might want to make your avatar more special than the others and only you that have the special traits. Quick Checker has the most unique avatar and skins that you can use to personalize your account so that it will be indistinctive to your origins. By having this type of avatar, you can express your value to the other players.

  1. Online Chat

This game has an in game chat system that basically enables you to have a normal conversation with the person you are battling against so you can be like a friendly buddy. This feature helps improve the engagement of the flow of the game as the excitement will increase and you can send unusual messages and emoji to express your feeling to many people around the world. Who knows? You might get your lover in this game better than you ever know and you can create a strong relationship in this game

  1. Rewards 

Agen idn poker has a wide of achievement and rewards list that can encourage your motivation to play the games more often. Furthermore, the more you can potentially to unlock the achievements, you will get a lot of rewards coming from this game. For example, when you win a single game, you usually end up with 1 gem. But, if you win like a 5 game, you will be rewarded with tons of things that you cannot get anywhere. So, you should really decide to take your time in managing a plan for winning a game that can you grant you a reward so remarkable.

  1. Ranking System

There is not much to look at the ranking system for this game, except the fact that this game can be played at the global or national level. At each level, you can learn a lot of new things that can be studied after a thorough match with a player that is more skillful and experienced than you. Reviewing your progress when you play this game is essential to be more compatible in the future. On top of that, this game has no loading screen which makes it more even awesome that you can feel the smoothness of the gameplay mesmerizing your eyes with great excitement.

Tony Altidore
Tony Altidore
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