5 Ways a Decorative Rug Can Tie a Room Together


Did you know that area rugs are ruling the home decor trends this year? The rug market is thriving. There are so many cute ideas that can suit every price and budget and there are even washable versions for families that need that option.

Are you looking for that last piece to tie the look of your room together? Now is the perfect time to explore the latest styles and trends for your home and give it a fresh look for the season. Read on for the top 5 ways to do this with a decorative rug.

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1. Make It Modern

If your furniture looks tired and slightly out of date, hit the refresh button by bringing in modern rugs and decor. Try an area rug with a bold splash of color and geometric or abstract designs. Then add pops of color that compliment the hue of the rug with little decor accents to give it a cohesive feeling.

2. Beautify the Bathroom

Another place that could benefit from a little rug love is the bathroom. Often overlooked, this utilitarian space looks better with decorative bathroom rugs. Choose some that not only look good but feel good, too, since that’s one of the first things your feet will hit every morning when you get out of bed.

3. Put Something Pretty on the Patio

This may sound obvious, but rugs aren’t just for indoors! Treat your patio as if it were another room in your house and decorate it with a trendy patterned outdoor rug. There are many kinds of weather-resistant decor rugs available that are perfect for the outside, and you can care for and protect these rugs the same way you do with your indoor ones.

4. Drop a Decorative Rug in the Dining Room

If you are looking to really showcase incredible rugs and decor, there’s no better place than the dining room. Show off your style savviness to your dinner guests by dropping a dramatic rug under the dining room table. Opt for one in rich hues that compliments other decorative touches in the space to make it a conversation piece.

5. Lighten up a Living Room

Living rooms can be notorious for getting dark, cluttered, and cramped with furniture and other knickknacks. Lighten up your living space with a rug in an airy style or material. If you are looking for a wide variety, you can check out the selection on http://www.samad.com/ for ideas.

Ready to Find the Perfect Rug?

Now that you’ve learned how to tie a room together with the perfect decorative rug, you can find your own perfect match. Rugs can make a room look bigger, and add dimension, color, and light to it. But before you make your selection, be sure to measure the room first to order one that fits.

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