5 Popular Concrete Driveway Ideas Homeowners Are Loving in 2021


The driveway is a huge part of the outside aesthetic of your home. An ugly, cracked, oil-stained driveway looks bad and affects the value of your property.

Change the look and feel of the front of your home with these concrete driveway ideas.

Concrete driveways have a longer life cycle, much longer than their asphalt counterpart. They’re cheaper too. Asphalt may seem less expensive upfront, but the cost of maintenance offsets the cost savings.

Also, different concrete designs add beauty and curb appeal to your home. Homeowners have the option of choosing a shade of concrete that matches their home.

Are you ready to increase your home’s value with a concrete driveway? Today we share popular concrete driveway ideas almost every homeowner will love.

1. Colored Concrete Driveway Ideas

Most often, people associate concrete with the dingy grey color they see on a drive-through parking lot. Concrete has evolved since the 1950s.

By adding synthetic iron oxide, contractors can mix color with cement-based products. You can have whatever color concrete driveway you want. Just make sure it matches your home.

Try coordinating with the stones on or around the home. If you don’t have stones, choose a color of concrete that matches the home’s wooden theme. Go as dark as you want and lighter than grey if you want as well. Check out Concrete Significance for a professional opinion.

2. Stained Concrete

If you like marble flooring, you’ll love a stained concrete driveway. It has the same beauty and shine. The best part is no two stained concrete driveways are the same.

Pavers mix a chemical solution with cement. When the minerals in the cement mix with the chemical, you get a beautiful, unique stained look. Use this idea when you want to layer a warm look to the outer aesthetic of the home.

3. Stone Cobble Design

If you have a brick home, a stone cobble design driveway is a look you want to consider. It’s a charcoaled-color London cobble that extends the design of your home.

Most modern concrete driveway ideas use stone cobble.

You can choose a subtle, dark color that blends well with most brick themes or go lighter. The pattern looks like you’re walking down a street in London.

4. European Fan Design

The European Fan design driveway is also made of cobblestone but with a unique shape. A fan design gets imprinted in a square frame of patch cobblestones.

If you want to add depth, use stained cobblestones. Stained color raises the beauty of the design.

5. Slatted Concrete Paver Driveway

Slatted concrete looks like a fisher’s net. The slats are open squares that allow peaks of turf grass, mulch, or dirt to show.

This design looks great on homes with neutral tones and wood fences. Slatted concrete makes even the smallest home look eco-friendly.

Redesign Your Driveway

The big grey driveway is truly outdated and does nothing for your home. Use these concrete driveway ideas to give your home the upgrade it may need.

We have more modern home update ideas like this. Check out our lifestyle guides for up-to-date tricks and trends for the home.

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