How To Know if Your Home Is in Need of a Deep Clean?


According to some research, the average person will spend about 690 hours doing housework in one year.

If you haven’t spent that many hours (or don’t want to) to keep your house clean, you may be wondering when it’s actually necessary to do a deep clean.

Thankfully, we have some tips for you that you should pick up the duster, so keep reading to find out!

You’re Dealing With a Lot of Mess

Have you noticed that you keep running into things all the time? Can you never find what you’re looking for?

You may have started creating a mess in your home and let it spiral out of control. It can start with one piece of furniture that isn’t arranged properly, and then it can turn into toys all over the floor and unfolded laundry piling up on the bed.

If you’re too overwhelmed to deal with all of that, contact someone like Bright Cleaning Services, LLC to help you!

You Notice Odd Smells

Have you noticed that you have weird smells in your house, yet you can’t figure out where they’re coming from?

You can try and ignore the smell and hope it goes away on its own, but it’ll likely get much worse.

Bad smells can come from dirty carpets, walls, an unloaded dishwasher, or even the garbage disposal.

You Have Stained Floors

Speaking of dirty floors, when was the last time you mopped or vacuumed? Even if it was recent, doing that only goes so far.

Sometimes, if you notice the floors are stained, you’ll need something like a steamer to get them really clean.

Since you’re always walking on the floors, if you don’t treat it early, it will only get worse. So make sure you call a professional if you don’t have the equipment to clean it yourself!

You Find Mold

Mold is another sign that you need to clean your house. Many people ignore it because they don’t think it affects them at all, but it can actually pose a risk to your health.

Plus, if you don’t get rid of it when you first find it, it can even ruin your house and grow out of control.

One thing that lets mold grow is a moist, warm environment, so your shower or bathroom for example. Make sure you get into the shower or tub and scrub everything. If it doesn’t come out, you can try getting a mold remover.

Learn More About If Your Home Needs a Deep Clean

These are only a few things to watch out for if you think your house needs a deep clean, but there are many more things to keep an eye on.

We know that cleaning your house can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out.

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