10 Wall Art Ideas for House Owners Wanting to Decorate a Plain Wall at Home


Bare walls are the foe of a comfortable, creative, and lived-in house, but finding the correct wall decorations for your place that don’t cost thousands of dollars or compromise your sense of style can be difficult. Don’t feel terrible if you don’t have a gallery’s worth of cherished artwork when you’re just getting started because collecting original paintings and special photos is a lifelong hobby for many people. There are alternative, less expensive, creative, and unique methods to decorate your walls that don’t feel like a compromise!

If you’re dealing with blank wall syndrome and are tired of the same old framed pictures and artwork, we’ve got some great ideas for you. These suggestions can help you see your plain walls as a blank canvas full of possibilities rather than an unpleasant, nagging item on your to-do list.

Hanging plants



There’s nothing quite like fragrant, hanging plants to brighten up a room, especially those with enough natural light.

Vertical gardens are great for adding some fresh, green life to a colorless atmosphere, and they look great on white walls. The best part about this unique wall décor idea is that you can make it yourself with reclaimed wood, classy pots, old picture frames, and whatever else you may find at a flea market.

Creatively-designed wall clocks

Creatively-designed wall clocks

Wall clocks, like lighting, are both useful and stylish, adding an element of old-school charm to any room.

Farmhouse, traditional, and country design styles all benefit from the addition of classic or vintage wall clocks. They can be utilized to form a cluster pattern that takes up a whole statement wall in the living room, or they can be installed by themselves in the kitchen or home office.

Ornamental mirrors



An ornamental mirror, in our opinion, is one of the most overlooked examples of wall art. To add some beauty and depth to somewhat blank walls, these timeless accents are usually placed in the foyer, above the fireplace, or on top of a credenza. They offer a variety of shapes and finishes, making them an excellent choice for those obstinate walls where nothing seems to fit.

Multidimensional wall carvings

Multidimensional wall carvings

Keep an eye out for creative wall carvings if you’re looking for dimension and don’t think you can get it with typical artwork. Wall sculptures, like pictures and action painting, can provide an abstract, high-art sense to a room, but they pop straight off the wall to add a little bit of excitement

Old windows


Consider how you may design a pile of old, discarded windows on the wall to create some interest in your area the next time you encounter them at an antique store. Antique windows and shutters add to the rustic ambiance of a place and are especially well-suited to vintage, restoration, and farmhouse décor styles. These windows will bring anything fresh and amazing to your room with a quick cleaning and a new coat of paint!

Adult textiles and tapestries

Adult textiles and tapestries

When you think about tapestries, you generally picture fabric glued to the wall, as in your dormitory room. Adult counterparts of the collegiate tapestry, such as intricately woven kilim blankets, handcrafted macramé hangings, and wonderfully constructed quilts that reflect a special or emotive tale, are thankfully plenty. Wall textiles can add warmth and texture to a dull living room or bedroom.

Shelves with cute figurines



Never undervalue the impact of some well-placed shelves! If you have any fascinating knickknacks or books to display, installing some shelves in unusual shapes and arrangements can really make your walls stand out. Just make sure your shelves are nice and well-organized; you wouldn’t want them looking chaotic or just thrown together. Consider your shelves to be showrooms, with just the most show-stopping pieces on display.

Handwoven baskets

Handwoven baskets

If you prefer the pure, earthy aesthetic of handwoven baskets, especially beautiful African styles like a bowl, sweetgrass, and coil baskets, a basket gallery wall decors might be for you. We understand that installing these rustic boxes on the wall appears a little out of date, but when grouped together in a thoughtfully chosen sequence, they create an eclectic, modern look.

High-quality sconces

Handwoven baskets

Have you ever seen several of the most recent wall lights from the most renowned lighting product designers? These excellent wall accents work as both decorative and useful lighting systems, illuminating the way.

From sconces flanking the bed in your bedroom for an extravagant atmosphere to picture lights highlighting your specific wall highlights, wall lights may be employed in a variety of unique, beautiful ways. To add personality, choose sconces that are restored, vintage, or elegant.

Random creative item

Random creative

In all honesty, a plain white wall can be easily decorated. In fact, if you’re decorating a bedroom wall for your son, you can get custom military insignia signage to adorn it. The choices are limitless. All you have to do is find inspiration on the internet and add your personal touch to showcase your style.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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