How Can You Turn Your Home Decor Green?

Go Green or Zen is a widely used concept in interior design or decoration. In earlier days, people are focusing more on exterior greenery. Now due to urbanization, people started migrating to metro cities and other urban cities, which has a scarcity of vegetation. Hence it’s good to have the green as a part of interior decoration, as it brings out the perfect blend in the decor, with a natural touch.

In the Japanese style of decoration, Zen denotes meditation. Moreover, in most of the interior designs, it shows balance, relaxation, and harmony.

However, Zen is not a proper interior design style and does not come with an architectural book of strict rules. Although, it is often associated with minimalism, simplicity, and purity of lines. There are some of the Go green Live up Homes Ideas that can create an atmosphere that offset the stress and hassle of daily routine.

Go With Natural light

Here the passage or the hallway has got this open partition area, which allows the natural light to get in through the glass wall, and the green plants kept inside those glass walls bring out a perfect blend to the minimalistic decor of this type.

The pebbles stone in the bottom brings out the Earthy look to the decor. Thus emerges the green look altogether.

Change The Color Of The House And Go With Earthy Look

This design brings out a classic green look to its decor. The wooden texture with brown colored furniture and the contemporary colonial look is extracting a perfect combination of earthy decor and contemporary styling.

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The natural soft tone such as white, grey shades of beige, or pink beige can also implant in the decoration parts.

As in the above decor idea, the pink-beige texture is drawing out from the painting at the living area, which soothes the entire decor and exudes the green look to it.

Add A Few Earthy Decorations

So earthy decorations are the style of furnishing that can be used in the earthy color of the room and can enhance the texture of the room decor.

Choice Of Fabrics For The Décor

One of the essential components of the earthy decoration or go green decorations are color and choice of curtains. They provide the sensation of intimacy while blocking noises and bring relaxation to the decor altogether.

The fabrics are of natural textiles such as wool, Lenin, cotton, etc. which can bring out the natural effect to the decor and boost up the Zen impact with the matching color of the room.

Decorate With Indoor Plantation

Here in this, the texture is made of green brown and white shades, which brings out the green and earthy look to the decor. We can also use white beige or beige-pink color of the texture and can add the indoor greenery with that.

Thus it’s all depends on the texture of the room with the choice of color. And it must be an earthy look. It suits well with the indoor plantation and helps in enhancing the natural green color of the decor.

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