Unique Apps To Level Up Your Android Experience


Technology has outgrown human intellect in many ways and made our work easy. In the digital era of smartphones, the internet, and other devices with access to high-tech attributes, it is almost impossible for us to keep track of all the useful and unique apps and software that exist/. Thus, here’s a list of 10 unique apps for android users that can make your digital and personal life easy.


Tunity is a free android app available for all users who love to watch personalized content, even in public spaces. The apps allow users to scan the TV in any public space and let you hear and watch the same channel on your phone in real-time.

The app does all the work for you and is one of the best TV tuners you can install on your smartphone. It has a user-friendly interface and runs smoothly without consuming a considerable amount of battery.


If you are a person interested in stock markets and the finance industry, then Robinhood is the app for you. This app is an all-in-one platform to get the latest updates about the stock markets and global currency reports.

Robinhood is not only a stock exchange news platform, but one can also invest in various stocks through the app. The app has listed traders with their displayed potentials that can help you choose the best trader and plan your next investment.


This is a spy app for parents to keep an eye on their child’s activity through a smartphone. Children can get indulged in naivety and face a potential threat. These can be anything ranging from cyberbullying to illegal activities.

SpyHuman is one of the best apps for parents to get involved in their kid’s life without letting them know. The app is safe to use and does not send any notification to the person being spied upon.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a widely underrated app that can perform wonders if the user knows how to use it properly. It is a brilliant app for students and researchers who need to access in-depth information about certain topics, but it is not possible to crawl through all the google pages listed and find the best possible report.

Wolfram Alpha does the work for you when you need to find exact answers to questions. The app crawls through millions of websites and provides the best answers for you. It can also read inside pdfs and present you with the link to the most relevant one.


This is probably a very creepy app, but a unique concept in itself. The app is an alarm clock that rings when you want to wake up or do a certain task. The difference with Wakie is that, instead of alarming the user with a ring tone, the app lets random strangers call you, asking you to wake up and do your task.

The call does not end until you are awake and are on your task. This is a unique app and thus makes it to the list but does not necessarily need to be installed on your phone.


Kinscreen is an app that lets you keep your phone on when you are using it. Several times the screen locks itself even when the user is active on the phone. Kinscreen keeps the phone on if it recognizes the user.

The app works on face-recognition features and only keeps the screen on when it scans the registered user on the phone. This is an inbuilt feature on some of the Samsung phones but can be accessed by anyone with the download of Kinscreen.

Slipstream Music

Slipstream Music is an important app if you attend a lot of parties. At parties, there is an obvious presence of music, but it is possible that the music playing does not match your taste at all. Thus, to play the music of your choice, it is important to have the Slipstream Music app on your smartphone.

This app lets the user add a song of choice to the primary playlist of the party through their own smartphones.

Google Handwriting Input

This is a unique and rather useful app that can be installed on your android smartphone for better texting. The app lets the user write words digitally while writing the word in their own handwriting on the screen as an input method.

This app makes the work easy for people who struggle to type using a touchscreen keyboard.

Reverse Dictionary

Many times we find ourselves at a point where we know what a word means but don’t know the word. The reverse dictionary makes our work easy when such situations arise. One can type the definition of any word in the app, and it will show you the words that are relevant to the definitions.

This is a quite useful app that can be used by content curators and students to find words and their meaning easily.


Fluently is a useful app that automatically sends customized replies in Gmail. If you are a business owner and use Gmail for various purposes of professional work, then Fluently is an app worth installing.

The app can be installed on your phone and can be customized with replies and messages. Once the initial process is done, one can use it to send automated replies in Gmail.

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