Tips to Make Your Entire Home Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been


If you hate the mere thought of using a vacuum cleaner, a rag, and other household gadgets, we assume that you are not a person fond of the cleaning process. However, with the right approach to it, you will be able to shorten the average time you devote to cleaning. With the below tips, you will keep your home clean all week long, not only after cleaning it.

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Don’t Take Action Without a Plan

It is one of the Maid Services Spokane rules used by cleaning specialists. In other words, before you rush cleaning an apartment or house, make a plan and follow it clearly. So, you will be able to assess the scope of work in advance and not mindlessly grasp one thing after another.

Clean up a Little Every Day

Home Cleaner tips

Instead of putting off the unpleasant process until the very last moment, spend 15 minutes cleaning every day. And then you will only have to maintain order instead of arranging real dusty battles. Take some time to:


  • load the dishwasher,
  • run the laundry,
  • remove the dust from surfaces, or
  • arrange bookshelves.

If you perform these simple manipulations every day, then you will not have to spend a whole day making the house sparkle.

Collect Things As You Go

There is no need to complicate your life. It is possible to turn the process of collecting things and placing them in the right spots into a good habit. You can, for example, take a box and walk around the rooms, simultaneously putting everything that is out of place into it. And then you just have to sort the things and get rid of the trash.

Do Not Put off the Cleaning Process

Home Cleaner

If you can do something right now, then you should not put off cleaning until later. For example, putting shoes on a shelf or hanging clothes neatly in a closet is a matter of five minutes. But later, you will not have to deal with the whole pile of things that accumulate on your floor and other surfaces.

Put All Things Back to Their Places

Another useful habit that will save you a lot of time and nerves. This approach is based on a simple principle – if you take something, do not forget to return the thing to its place after using it. Then you will not have to turn everything upside down in search of the desired item.

Develop Your Own Storage System

Experts recommend assigning each item its place in the home, so you don’t have to think about where to put the next items or where to find your vital appliance. By the way, today many people are leaning towards a vertical storage system, so all things are in sight, and you can take something without relocating other items.

Finally, Share Responsibilities

If you have family members, feel free to involve them in the process. Assign responsibilities to everyone and control the result. Then you will not have the feeling that the whole apartment is on your shoulders, and you will be able to devote more time to your beloved.

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