Tips To Choose The Best Video Slot Machine


Video slots are arguably the most played game in any mobile casino. Perhaps the pulling factor of slots is the fact that they do not require any skills or special strategy to play.

Online slots are becoming a preferred option to traditional slots in casinos.  Although these games are majorly based on chance, picking a good slot machine bolsters your chances of winning. This is why this guide on how to choose the best video slot machine is essential for any video slot player.

Let’s look at some important things to consider when choosing a video slot machine.

How to Choose the Best Video Slot Machine

Video slots games are quite easy to learn and play. However, knowing how to select a video slot machine is a vital aspect that increases your chances of winning. Many professional gamblers take finding the best slot machine very seriously.

Here are some expert opinions on finding the best slot machines that are likely to hit.

Play at the Best Casino

The casino you choose to play is an essential factor every play must consider. Many fully licensed casinos provide over a hundred video slots. You need to choose a mobile casino that offers the use of virtual slot machines.

Also, some of the best casinos offer various bonus packages for new players. Some of these bonuses include:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Free spins
  • No deposit bonus

Attractive bonuses are some of the features of a good casino. Bonuses like free spins allow players especially beginners to get familiar with the slot machines of casinos.

You should check out reviews of some of the best mobile casinos to get honest online opinions and feedbacks. In case you want to try, offers video poker and they have some great welcome bonuses for newcomers.

Choose Slot Machines with High RTP

The best way to discover slots machines with a decent possibility of winning is by observing slots with the highest Return to Player Percentage (RTP).

RTP is the calculated return a player receives on wagers throughout a game. It is used to calculate the payout percentage on various casino games. Therefore, the RTP percentage determines how frequently the video slot machine pays out.

You will also discover that slots machines with the best odds offer high RTP on their games.  The common RTP percentage in most online casinos is between 94 and 97%. Choosing slot machines with the highest RTP percentage is an added edge when playing slots.

There are various publications on casino websites that will provide you with more information on the RTP percentage of the slot machine you choose to play.

Avoid Progressive Slots

Another important decision you need to make is the type of slot machine you choose you to play. There are different types of slot machines, some of which possess exclusive features.

Progressive slots offer one of the lowest RPTs in slots which means that you don’t get high winning odds compared to other slots. The game also requires you to place a maximum bet to get the most attractive jackpot rewards.

Progressive slots aren’t the best slots to play for beginners. Their low RTPs and maximum bet rule make it a risky choice of slots for any player. The average payout rate of any progressive slot is 93% which is lower than most slots available.

Check for Available Jackpots

Jackpots in slots allow players to make massive wins on their wagers amongst other mouth-watering rewards. Before choosing a slot machine, you should verify if the mobile casino offers a jackpot.

There are various kinds of jackpots available in most online casinos. Your budget would also determine the jackpot you should play.

Select Familiar Games

There are hundreds of slot games in various online casinos. Ensure you go for games you are familiar with and enjoy playing. While it is not possible to win all the slot games you play, you stand a better chance of winning games you feel comfortable playing. After all, the main goal of gambling is to have fun.

If you are a beginner and not so familiar with slots, the best option would be to play popular slots available.

Play Slots with High Payouts

To get more return on your wager, you must know slots with a low number of pay lines. These machines often offer the best payback percentage available.

Many modern online casinos provide games with high RTPs to attract more players. The best slots offer players a payout rate of 95% and above which is a decent rate on your investment.  Make findings and research on slots with high payout rates.


You should keep in mind that there is no guaranteed way of winning a game of slots.

However, the tips provided in this guide should help you make an excellent decision on the video slot machine to play to improve your winning chances. Honest online reviews will also assist you in making the right choice.

Rachel Crib
Rachel Crib
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