Choose The Right Music Band For Your Wedding!


Music is the essence of any party, and adding live musicians to your party can keep your crowd going. Choosing a music band for your wedding is an essential part of planning next to choosing the venue. That is why you need to get this one right!

The right music band can make a difference as it works as an efficient backdrop and tone to the proceedings. Their energy and experience can easily bring life and energy to the evening.

So how should you choose a music band?

Here are some tips which you can follow;

See if your wedding band has a specific playlist or they customize it?

Certain songs are sure hits and are played at all weddings, not because they are common, but they are liked and enjoyed by everyone. However, the important question here is whether they will customize the list for you or take live requests from the guest.

Adding some of your favorite songs can make your wedding even more special.

Will they carter all your occasions

Not just the ceremony, there will be a reception and an evening party. You will want to play music throughout. See if their price changes or it’s a part of the package. Talk to them if they are capable of providing a different kind of music on different occasions.

Your wedding first dance

The first dance is considered the most important part of the whole ceremony, which can be tricky to choose as it carries too much weight. It’s the one song which means most of you and your partner. The band you are about to choose should know about the importance of that song; they should know it well and be informed in advance to ensure they get plenty of time to rehearse.

You must listen to them before making the decision.

Get multiple quotes

Good bands are hard to get; research which bands suit your style and are available on your wedding day. Get multiple quotes so that if one is not available, you have other options as well. Go through their feedbacks and previous clients review.

Do they have the same members performing at every wedding?

Some local bands have the same members who play together; however, some may not offer what they claim. Changing members depending upon occasion can hamper the quality. Having the same members will keep a cohesiveness, and you will be delivered what you want.

See them play

Don’t book a band just because they are quoting less, instead see them play, watch how they interact and pay attention to their energy. Ask them to play your favorite song or your first dance song to get a look at how it will sound on your D-day.

Please focus on the music, the atmosphere and the energy they create, which is necessary for keeping your guest engaged and involved.

Check if they charge overtime.

It’s inevitable that end of the event, many guests may start requesting one more song. So if you feel the party is going strong, instead of calling it quits, you can ask them how they handle such a situation in advance.

Keeping an open communication about charges, overtime and handling of situations will keep things clear and sorted later.

They might charge overtime in such situations, which varies from band to band; however, adding this in the contract beforehand will avoid clashes later.


The wedding is all about you. Choosing the right music band will work as a crowning glory for your special day.

While choosing a wedding band, make sure that it matches your theme and blends well with your style, as they will be working as a musical centerpiece for your wedding.

Tony Altidore
Tony Altidore
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