How to Gamble Online Safely

The three things that most commonly pop up in heist movies are banks, casinos, and websites. All three are places with lots of money flowing through them and all three also have heightened security in common.

It should come as no surprise, then, that places you can gamble online are doubly concerned with security. Interacting with a virtual casino is safe, but it’s all the safer when you understand how the security measures work for your benefit.

This guide will break down the key points of security so you can engage from an informed position.

Gamble Online Securely

The most important element of online security will always be under your control. Being informed about the sites you visit, and how they protect your information is the first tier.

That said, protecting your own information is important. Giving away information to other players, random emails, and the like will undermine everything that gambling websites put in place to help you.

Region and Venue

The first thing to consider is the region. It is not legal for everyone in every location to gamble in every online casino.

If a site tells you that they legally operate in the US, they have to be in a location that does that. For example, card gamers in France have their own casinos and can’t play in Italy.

If a site from Nepal says US citizens can game there, it’s likely a scam.

Like any brick-and-mortar location, reputation and longevity matter. Check out a list of white-listed betting sites to learn more about why they are considered safe and to save time in your own searches.

Site Security

Next, you want to look at the security of the site itself. Web browsers help with this by providing a handy icon on the address bar.

If you look up at this page, you see a lock icon next to the address. This tells you that the site is encrypted and properly registered.

If you go to a place hosting online sports betting with an open lock, that’s a clear sign you’re in uncharted territory.

Reputable sites also spell out their policies and use known payment programs. They go through existing banks and associated funds, a site accepting gift cards to gamble with is a huge red flag.


When a site offers games for online betting, they make use of a random number generator (RNG) to determine the results. The programs used to create proper RNG are spelled out within the site’s legal documentation.

A site that doesn’t offer a concept of how it determines results is suspect. One thing to note, the same concepts power RNG and cryptography.

A site with a good RNG source understands the power of encryption for the rest of your information.

Seize the Night

There’s a wide world out there in which to gamble online. Pick a site that offers strong security and protects your personal and financial information.

Once you find a good group of sites, you can start picking the casino that offers you the games and incentives you desire. So get out there and explore the nightlife and come back here for more news in the morning.

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