Tiffany Trump Poses Nude With Mother Marla Maples Two Months After Her Father Presidential Bid


Tiffany Trump appeared to make pout in a 30 minute long black and white similar to her mother Marla Maples. She filmed two months after Donald Trump announced the launching of a bid for the White House. In the project of photographer Scott Nathan, Tiffany was showed makeup-free.

She seems the same as porn legend Jenna Haze, body positivity model Tess Halliday, Ros Stewart’s model ex-wife Rachel Hunter and British aristocrat lady Victoria Hervey. Women who took part in it don’t utter a word and filmed from a perspective where they appear nude.

For example, the video shows that one model head to toe naked and covers her modesty with just her hands. Nathan shared a Youtube caption that Tiffany’s video was recorded one year before the election day at Red Digital Cinema NYC.


Tiffany Trump and her mother, Marla Maples, both appear nude in non-speaking videos from November 2015 that are newly released.


This project was filmed after Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in September 2015. In post-confessional interviews, they sit at the open-up about the soul-baring experience that left them alone with their thoughts.

Tiffany finally gets into talks and says there was not necessarily one person I thought about in particular. The purpose was to find peace within.

Moreover, Tiffany said, we have concerned about what people think of us. We are in a generation where we are judged on the based of social media appearance and ho9w much we are gonna get for a photo.

The whole process is not about being judged or think about the physical aspects rather being at one and present. That’s a beautiful idea that Scott came up with. The second wife of Trump Maples appears in the clip recorded at Red Digital Cinema NYC on the year before election day.

I think Tiffany requested to be a part of the project and did not think he father would be elected when she sat for filming. Nathan said that she rolled her eyes and smiled when she talked about the topic of Trump possibly winning.


Nathan shared some of the projects at the Frieze art fair in February, but maples and his daughter have not been seen until now. According to Nathan, Tiffany did not want her half-sibling to know she had no money and would not ask for their help to obtain an outfit for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Maples and Tiffany’s duo talk about the experience of barring all in fully clothe interviewed.
There are 100 + women who appear in the clip in which Red Stewart’s ex-wife Rachel Hunter and aristocrat Lady Victoria Hervey took part, porn legend Jenna Haze and body positivity model Tess Halliday are included.

I suggested her to ask Ivanka as she has probably one of the great closets in Manhattan. Ask to borrow something. However, she was reluctant to ask and don’t want her to know I don’t have any money. Moreover, he told his designer friend Michael Schmidt he was not keen either and labeled Tiffany radioactive.

speaking about the discount attire ordered from Nordstrom Rack online, Nathan added
I could not understand how no one in that entire family or campaign thought to get Tiffany a full glam team for such an event; it was a shocking incident.
Tiffany Trump speaks on 19th July 2016 on the second day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

5Nathan says Tiffany was embarrassed to ask Tiffany for a dress for the RNC because she did not want Ivanka to know she does not have any money. There is a picture of Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Tiffany Trump when they stand on the third day of the Republican National Convention.

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