The Story Behind J.K Rowling’s “Harry Potter Prequel”


In 2008, J.K Rowling presented an 800-word short story as a part of a charity auction. Although she didn’t give it any title, it is unofficially known as “Harry Potter Prequel”. It takes us on a brief adventure with Sirius Black and James Potter before the events of the main Harry Potter series. It’s a reminder of the everlasting charm of our two favourite Marauders.

Basically, J.K. brought this forth at a charity event called “What’s Your Story?” hosted by Waterstones. Thirteen authors, including the renowned J.K. Rowling, were asked to create stories on small cards. These unique literary pieces were then auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charitable organizations, English PEN and Dyslexia Action.

Rowling’s card, the “Harry Potter prequel,” became the star of the show, fetching a staggering £25,000. The winning bid came from Hira Digpal, the president of a Tokyo-based investment banking consulting company called Red-33. This marked the beginning of an incredible journey that captured the hearts of Harry Potter fans and book lovers around the world. Together, the sale of these thirteen cards raised an impressive £47,150, a testament to the enduring magic of Rowling’s wizarding universe.

The Story of the Harry Potter Prequel

The story kicks off in a dimly lit alley where two regular police officers are chasing a speeding motorbike to a dead-end. The motorbike’s riders? None other than Sirius Black and James Potter. What happens next is pure mischief. In a flash, James and Sirius use their wizardry to flip the police car, leaving the officers bewildered and dazed.

But the real showstopper is when three wizards on broomsticks swoop in, only to collide with the police car, leaving them unconscious. As the frightened police officers try to make sense of it all, Sirius and James make a quick exit on their motorbike, vanishing into the night.

J.K. Rowling playfully wraps up the story stating, “From the prequel, I am not working on – but that was fun!” It’s a little tease that leaves us craving more from the wizarding world.

The Prequel’s Manuscript was Stolen

As if right out of a mystery novel, the prequel’s journey took an unexpected turn. In April 2017, the manuscript was stolen during a burglary in Birmingham, England. Rowling herself took to Twitter to express her disappointment, urging fans not to buy the stolen work. The West Midlands Police also made a plea for information. But it was never recovered.

The burglary victim emphasized the immense value of the prequel, describing it as “priceless.” He highlighted the potential for it to do great if sold legitimately. It’s a powerful reminder of the impact that the literature and especially, J.K. Rowlling’s writings have on the world.

In Short…

From its start as a charity auction item to the dramatic heist, the “Harry Potter Prequel” remains a unique chapter in the Harry Potter saga. Though the manuscript may have disappeared, its legacy endures, connecting us with James and Sirius on a deeper level. We’d definitely love to read more of their stories, only if J.K. continue writing.

Kiran Yahya
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