Hailey Grice – OnlyFans Star & Wife of Dan Bilzerian


In the world of Instagram and modeling, Hailey Grice has become quite famous. You might have heard her being called “Dan Bilzerian’s wife,” but she’s more than that.

She’s a star in her own right, known for her fantastic career as a model and her active presence on social media.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at her life, from her early days to her family, her career, and her love life.

Early Life and Education

Hailey Grice was born on November 5th, 1998, in California, United States. She is an American citizen and has mixed ethnicity. Hailey is a devout Christian and is currently 23 years old.

She graduated from a prestigious United States institution and has a lifelong passion for modeling. After that, Hailey focused on her modeling profession. Unfortunately, information about her parents and siblings was unavailable on the Internet.

Hailey Grice height

Quick Information

  • Full Name: Hailey Grice
  • Date of Birth: November 5th, 1998
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Nationality: American.
  • Occupation: Fashion Model and Social Media Influencer
  • Spouse\Boyfriend: Dan Bilzerian
  • Height: 5′ 6″
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Body Measurements: 34-24-36 Inches
  • Bra size: 30 c
  • Net Worth: $2 and $3 million


Hailey Grice began her journey as a model when she was quite young. She’s had the chance to work with well-known swimwear and fashion brands like Rebellious Fashion, Oh Polly, and Lounge Underwear.

Her modeling talents were so impressive that she even got to be on the front covers of numerous fashion and entertainment magazines, including Gmaro Magazine.

But what really made her a big deal is her activity on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

She’s very active there and shares all sorts of interesting stuff. Because of this, she’s gained millions of followers and fans, turning her into a sensation on Instagram.

Hailey Grice’s Love Life

People have been curious about Hailey Grice’s love life. In 2018, she was dating a famous YouTuber named Dylan Dauzat, but they later broke up.

Her love life didn’t stop there. She moved on with grace and later on, was involved in a relationship with someone named Abdel Nader.

Until 2022, however, there is some confusion regarding her marital status. However, later on, it was confirmed that Hailey and Dan Bilzerian were married.

Marriage Speculation

There was a lot of excitement on social media when Dan Bilzerian, a guy known for living a lavish lifestyle and being seen with many women, posted a photo on his Instagram.

In the picture, he and a woman were dressed up as if they were at a formal event, and it looked like they might be getting married. To make things more interesting, Bilzerian wrote, “I finally did it” in the caption.

This got people talking and many thought the woman next to Bilzerian was Hailey Grice because she had worked with his band, Ignite.

Some even thought they might have gotten married. But here’s the important part: Hailey Grice and Dan Bilzerian didn’t leave any official evidence that they were married after a long time.

As of October 2023, it’s confirmed that the woman in the picture is indeed Hailey Grice. So, all the talks about them being married have turned out to be true, and many blogs have provided strong evidence to support this fact.Hailey Grice

Grice Recent Post Update

Hailey Grice, known for sharing beautiful bikini pictures on the internet, lives in California. She recently expressed that she doesn’t like the cold and rainy weather in Los Angeles.

She’s looking forward to summer and made a post on social media saying, “I’m over cold weather bye.” The post showed her without makeup, with her hair down, lying on a bed, and covering herself with a warm blanket.

This post gives us a peek into her life beyond the glamorous world of modeling and shows that, just like many of us, she’s eager for the return of warm, sunny days.

Net Worth

This beautiful woman Heily Grice earns her living as a professional model. In addition, she makes a lot of money from brand marketing and product endorsements. As of 2023, Hailey’s estimated net worth is between $2 and $3 million.


Hailey Grice’s path from a young girl in California with big dreams to a famous Instagram star and model shows her talent, hard work, and likable personality.

Even though her connection with Dan Bilzerian has brought her a lot of notice, Hailey Grice has achieved a lot on her own.

She’s made a name for herself as a model and influencer. Her future in the world of modeling and social media looks promising, and her fans can expect more interesting content from her.

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