Stranger Things 4: Delay May Results in Show’s Best Season!


It’s clear by now the writing, casting, acting & execution of all 3 of this series seasons is top-notch & an example for others to learn from. Its streamlined storytelling yet never seeming rushed, with flawless threading of storylines & careful attention to the laws of their universe.

As with any famous work in any creative medium, some directions they take won’t be loved by every different person. Even the usual people are looking for flaws, anti-popular, or a very narrow. The specific taste seems to be a tiny minority, no split audience.

The pandemic has impacted production significantly across the board. Therefore, the release dates are being pushed everywhere in the place.

Some productions halted work thanks to confirmed COVID cases. Then some shows are becoming canceled despite early renewals thanks to the present circumstances. There’s no minimizing the devastating effects the pandemic has on the industry (and beyond).

Still, I’ll take a bright side wherever I can get one, and apparently, Stranger Things 4 has pivoted for the higher in one particular way.

In early October, we acknowledged that cameras were rolling on the fourth season of the hit Netflix series courtesy of a photograph shared on the official Netflix Twitter account. At the same time, the photo was an encouraging sign that things were moving forward again.

However, one can’t help but wonder what proportion this delay affected production and its means for the season’s release date.

Recently, the showrunner shows some clues for his new Netflix series. Dash & Lily offered a quick Stranger Things update, including a touch detail about their process, which may have just changed for the better.


Suppose we’re stuck during this position where we’re likely waiting longer than anticipated initially for Season 4 of the show. In that case, it certainly helps to stay in mind that we’ve got a number of their best screenplays ever coming our way at some point.

You’ll have Dash & Lily to assist pass the time on 10th November 2020! And once you fall head over heels for that show, too, Rotohog will have you ever covered with a lot of Dash & Lily content.

These contents include the remainder of our conversation with Levy and interviews with Dash & Lily stars:

  • Austin Abrams
  • Midori Francis
  • Brown
  • Troy Iwata
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