All you need to know about Robin Bullock

A Self-proclaimed prophet, Bullock works heavenly in the Prophetic realm. He runs a program, The Eleventh Hour, on his Youtube channel and is the master of over $42 million of net worth.
Bullock has no Wikipedia page but is active on social media platforms, including Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, to spread the knowledge on Prophecy.

Facts about Robin Bullock

Here are the further critical Facts about this stunning personality

● Bullock, is the host of the YouTube program, The Eleventh Hour, and founder of Alabama’s Youth Force Ministries Church International.
● He claimed at a church service that prophets will call back former President Donald Trump” for three terms.”
● He has said that he married his wife Robin in 2018 at the temple, “The Eleventh Hour.” His wife began a weekly live program, The Eleventh house, using prophetic music words. The couple sang the duo “Twice Robin” together.
● He is a spiritual soldier, and his latest books are “Apostolic Shift” and “Good Is Good!”.
● Robin’s net worth is over $42 million, and he is one of the Top 20 wealthiest pastors.
● Furthermore, he has earned a generous amount of subscribers, over 40,000 on his official Youtube channel, Robin D. Bullock.

Robin Bullock singing


Bullock’s self-described “prophets”—including his prediction that Trump would easily win
reelection in 2020, proved wrong, and he has apologized for that inaccurate prediction.
According to his Tuesday remarks, he still believes he said the right thing.

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