Online Business Ideas with Low Investment You Can Start Tomorrow


A few years back, investment was a big question mark for them whenever a person thought of starting a business. Now the time has changed, and the internet has brought a great industrial revolution.

Anyone can start an online business without bothering about money. There are a thousand ways to earn money online, and you need a laptop. You don’t need any technical education or expertise to start these businesses.

You can live anywhere around the globe and make your own schedule and work routine by running these online businesses.

Here I’m going to share business ideas with low investment. These business ideas are great for all those beginners, boots-trappers and

Who wants to start a side business?

Business Ideas with Low Investment You Can Start From a Laptop

Affiliate Marketing

There is a famous saying about affiliate marketing “you can make money even while sleeping.” Some people confuse affiliate marketing with drop shipping, but both are different. For affiliate marketing, you have to choose. You won’t be a business or marketing expert to start an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing

The first step is that you have to pick a good niche for your online business. Moreover, the second step is to find an affiliate partner with products similar to your place. Many popular websites allow you to work with them. Many big and reputed companies or brands like Wal-Mart, Tesco, and Home Depot run their affiliate programs, and you can become part of these programs with little investment.

You don’t need to stock the inventory, and you advertise the product for sale on your e-commerce website and blog. Every product has a link, and on clicking this particular link, you are directed partner’s shopping cart for checkout. You get a commission if the purchase has happened and the customer reaches through your affiliate marketing.

Blogging is Great

It is the best online business idea with low investment. If you are interested in writing, traveling, or anything else, you can start your blog almost free of cost with different platforms.blogging

There are different types of blogs, and if you need to gain writing skills, you can post photos, videos, and vlogs to make your blog attractive. The key to success is creating original content and posting regularly. Once your blog is ranked, you can make money in different ways, like affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, etc.

Content/Article Writing

If you have writing skills, then no one can stop you from earning money online with no investment. You can write content for blogs, websites, affiliate marketing sites, and other clients. There are also different content writing types, and you must discover your specialty. It is always an excellent idea to start writing for your favorite niche.

Article Writing

For example, if you are interested in pets, then with little research, you can register for pet blogs and affiliate marketing websites. Now the question is how to get started. Many online platforms like Fiverr, work, I-writes, guru,, etc., allow you to raise yourself as a content writer. Make a profile there and get started in no time. With time, your profile will build up, and you will get permanent clients.

Create a YouTube Channel

Do you like to watch videos on YouTube? Yes, then, ever you thought of creating videos for YouTube. It is the largest video platform where people create videos, watch videos, and earn money. There is an easy and exciting way to earn money. You need to create YouTube Chanel and regularly upload videos.

youtube channel

Try to make meaningful and engaging videos for your target audiences. If you are a makeup artist, you can launch a makeup channel or establish a cooking medium. There is no restriction, but try to choose that niche in which you have interest and knowledge. You can use your smartphone to make videos but try to make good-quality videos. Use good editing software to make your videos more precise, engaging, and professional. After completing the watch time and subscriber requirements, you can monetize your channel. After monetization, your medium can earn money.

Launch Your Course

If you have professional abilities and sound knowledge of any skill, you can launch your own paid course. Nowadays, selling paid courses online is one of the trendy business ideas with low investment.

online course

You can sell your courses on different platforms. If your skills and have sound knowledge of graphic design, then you can teach people this skill. Similarly, if you have any other skills, you can teach people against fees. You don’t need any physical classes; you can do it virtually by using different apps for online courses.

Partnership with a Drop Shipper

Drop shipping is an accessible and cheapest business to start. Buying a product, stocking, and then selling is a hectic job in drop shipping other party stores and shipping products to customers on your behalf. Drop shipping is low overhead and scalable too.


If you do a partnership, you have to make sales and pass order details to the supplier, and now the supplier has to take the rest of the responsibility. You can take the services of more than one supplier. There is another way to do this business: act as a supplier in this chain.

Anyone interested in this business should seriously consider Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. These are established marketplaces, and people trust them. You can also own your store on Amazon and eBay, but it requires heavy investment.

Sell Services on Different Platforms

Many people don’t see the other side of the picture. You can sell your services online. If you’re a writer, graphic designer, SEO expert, or website developer, you can sell your services on digital platforms like Fiverr, Upwork,, and people per hour.

Sell online

Similarly, if you are a photographer, event manager,  housekeeper, etc., you can sell your services digitally by registering on websites that suit your skill. You can make your own Facebook page and showcase your talent. Different apps also serve this purpose.

Online Store

You can run an online store with little investment. You need investment to purchase the right kind of product. You can make an online boutique or bakery or sell any product you like. You must know how to get the right product to sell online and generate reasonable revenue.

Online Store

Over time, you can expand your business professionally. Good product and customer service are crucial to running an online business store. You can generate your brand with a little more investment, depending on your budget and product.

Social Media Marketing

It is the right thing to do if you are socially active on all social media platforms. Social media marketing is one of the exciting business ideas with low investment.

social media

Many brands and companies hire people for their I social media marketing, and initially, you can work for them. Later you can expand your work with more clients. You can sell this service on freelancing platforms too. You can also build your own social media marketing company that handles different clients’ social media marketing companies simultaneously, but it will take some time.

Sell Information Products

Selling information products is one of the best business ideas with low investment. You can create digital information products to sell in thousands of ways.

Sell Information Products

You can record a webinar and talk about interviewing techniques or how to do small business; you can record travel guides too. Do you know you can also become a motivational speaker by using this technique? You can recode motivational speeches and build your audience if you have good communication and convincing skills.

 Wrapping up the Things

However, the business ideas with low investment are long, but I tried my best to give you the ten best business ideas with low investment. Try to choose a niche with proper research and work with dedication. If you are creating content in written form, video, or audio, then create informational and engaging content. If you are selling a product online or on amazon, always strive for customer service and quality.

Starting an online business seems easy but requires time and dedication. Secondly, an online business also takes time to flourish.

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza
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