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The living room is one of the most used rooms in most homes. Here, you sit, relax, and unwind. We also entertain guests, watch the TV and interact with our loved ones. You can also host parties and eat dinner with friends from the living room.

Therefore, you must choose your living room window treatment carefully and tastefully. Many window treatments, such as graber blinds are easy to operate and effective in light control.

1. Cellular shades

Cellular shades are energy efficient, helping you cut down on your energy bills. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, have tons of pockets that trap air, creating an insulating barrier at your window.

Cellular shades come in various patterns, colours, pleat sizes, and textures to suit your décor. They also come in different opacity levels to choose the light amount you need.

2. Classic modern Roman shade

The latest trend in window treatments is the classic roman shade with a modern twist. Classic Roman shades are a suitable alternative to the traditional curtains, and draperies. They are available in different sizes, designs, colors and textures.

Additionally, you can request custom-made sizes. You can also choose matching colors and patterns for your upholstered furniture and other household interior accents.

You can also control the amount of light in your living room with Roman shades. Ask for light filtering shades that allow you to enjoy darkening and lighting up at various levels. Some Roman shades come with rear cords ensuring your kids and pets are safe around the home.

3. Screen shades and UV shields

We love basking in the sun and allowing the warm rays to massage our skin. However, too much exposure can harm to the skin and your household. For instance, sun rays can dry up your wall and floor paint, causing it to break and chip. It can also fade your furniture.

Therefore, opt for UV-treated shades and other designer screen shades. The shades vary from light to opaque qualities to help you achieve different amounts of sun rays in a room. For instance, a dark effect is ideal for the bedrooms. However, others filter up to 75% OF sun rays, reducing the impact of UV.

4. Draperies

You can explore different types of window treatments for diversity in the home. You can explore the beauty of draperies in the living and dining room. Draperies are ideal when used together with blinds and shades. They give your windows a finished look, add varying textures and cover the windows well to prevent side gaps.

Draperies can enhance your interior décor when applied creatively. For instance, you can mix and match colors, materials, patterns and features to achieve an eye-catching focal point. Be keen to balance prints and patterns. You can also pair drapery and shades for a sophisticated look.

5. Shutters

Shutters are durable and never get out of fashion. Shutters are more decorative than blinds and draperies.

Shutters compliment wood furniture households. They also have a neat finished look from the inside and outside.

Shutters are made from wood but can be tilted open, allowing light into a room. Alternatively, you can swing it wide open for an unobstructed view. Apply shutters for living spaces such as dining and entertainment areas but not the bedrooms. Additionally, shutters can also filter noise from outside or inside a room.

Professional Tips To Have Custom-Looking Window Treatment

Window Treatments

It’s one thing to have the best window treatment; it’s another to have a custom-looking window treatment. Here’s what to do to fix them appropriately;

  1. Take precise measurement

Measure the windows and the part of the wall you want to be covered by the window treatment. Getting the most appropriate length allows your windows to have sufficient fabric for the square or rectangle. The rule of thumb in measurement is to ensure the panels touch the floor when hanging from the top.

  1. Opt for long drapes to exaggerate small windows

If you have small windows, you can explore the magic in a window treatment to enhance the appeal of your space. One trick that always succeeds is installing long drapes on small-sized windows.

Allow the drapes to crown the ceiling and touch the floor. Your generosity pays off with an elegant look that nobody can hardly tell the windows are small.

  1. Double up the drapes

Show off the beauty of your living space with a double-layered drape. For instance, if your window drapery requires four panels, be superfluous by adding four more. Your windows will have a full effect and form elegant folds adding to the beauty in the room. Your space also gets a sense of luxury and sophistication.

  1. Double up the hanging rods

Professional home interior designers insist on installing double rods for the windows. The opulence is not a reservation of celebrities and extravagant homeowners. You can borrow a leaf and have two different treatments that open and close independently.

One can be open to the right and the other to the left to offer variety and style.

Additionally, you can traverse sheers and blackout drapes to maximize your options for privacy and darkroom effect and layered look.

  1. Attach your personal trimmings

Custom-made drapes are attractive. You can choose to invest in plan panels and embellish them by attaching your handmade trimmings. You can use hot glue or sew the decorative band to the outside edges of the panels.

  1. Try high-end hardware

The hardware you choose for your window treatment can break or make your room’s ambience. Hardware that exposes screws and other working details is a fashion downer. Always hide the hardware that don’t add to the sophistication you desire to display.

Splurge on high-end window hardware to ensure a thorough finish at the ends and sides. Protruding details can also ruin your drapes that may cost a fortune to correct.

Every homeowner has a wide variety of window treatments to choose from for their rooms. Consider the unique needs for each space and explore your options.

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Faheem Haydar
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