Misti Leitz Body Measurements, Career, Relationship Status, Net Worth

Misti Leitz is an artist, craftsman and unscripted television candidate who was born in1968 in the United Kingdom. Misti always makes dynamic work and accepted her work as a fashioner to their farthest limit. 

She set up a studio to focus on making contemporary figure and objects d’art. Leitz is the cast of Britain’s Best Woodworker and appeared on channel 4. 

Leitz has created many articles and appointed works in castles, penthouses and personal properties.  She began her functioning life as a designer in a cabinet maker’s workplace and dealing for a high of the road property engineer. 

Her career led to become a designer of bespoke interiors, furniture, gardens and architecture and specializing in the re-creation of period detailing and ornament. She became an interior designer to the super-rich. 

She raised among artists and musicians and spent most of her childhood in glue and paint. Misti lives with her partner and two dogs in cottage in Shropshire.

Misti Leitz Personal Details

Misti Leitz

Misti Leitz Full Name Misti Leitz
Misti Leitz Date of Birth  1968
Misti Leitz Age 53 years old
Misti Leitz Birthplace Los Angeles, California, United States
Misti Leitz Profession sculptor, artisan, and reality TV contestant
Misti Leitz Height N/A
Misti Leitz Weight  N/A
Misti Leitz Shoe Size N/A
Misti Leitz Spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend Single
Misti Leitz Net Worth  $1-5 million

Net Worth

Misti Leitz

The estimated net worth of Misti Leitz is $1-5 million as she is living a happy life. Misti Leitz is active on social media. 

Relationship Status

No one knows about Misti Leitz relationship status. It seems that she keeps her life private.

You can follow her on Instagram @misti_leitz_sculpture. She has more than 1thousands followers.

Misti Leitz

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