Midsommar on Netflix Review – Why It is a Polarizing Horror Film?


Midsommar is a “folk horror” film which left us captivated, shocked, and divided at the same time. From box office success to critical acclaim, it has sparked an array of debates among critics and general audiences. Now, if you are wondering whether Midsommar on Netflix is available or not, then yes, but only in fewer regions. 

Alissa Wilkinson at Vox magazine stated that this film unconventionally follows fairy tale patterns to show how Dani lost everything at the beginning and then moved forward to become a Queen, just like Cinderella or Snowhite did. But is this really the true picture? There’s a lot about this movie that needs to be unraveled. 

Indeed, its unique storytelling and unsettling visuals intrigued some viewers but polarized the majority. Let’s talk about a few aspects which I believe flawlessly show why Midsommer is polarizing. 

Copulation Ritual or Rape  

The bizarre mating ritual happening at the bloody midsummer festival is the central point of this film. Christian was drugged so that he could have sex with Maja and impregnate her, right? His facial expressions clearly showed that he didn’t have any idea about what was happening. He was simply forced to participate in the copulation ritual. It was a rape.

Copulation Ritual or Rape  

Sexuality & Culture, a famous journal, has also featured an article that covers this controversial point in depth. It asserts that Christain and Maja’s sex scene blurred the line between consent and rape. Moreover, it also highlights that this film has significant repercussions for how we view male sexual assault in the modern world.

Long story short version — this sex scene has raised various debates about whether it depicts rape or unfaithfulness. 

Helplessness or Betrayal 

Connecting the previous point to the next, Christian having sex with Maja was clearly unfaithful in Dan’s eyes. She had a panic attack seeing him participating in the so-called mating ritual.

midsommar Helplessness or Betrayal 

She cried her heart out, and even the commune’s women mimicked her cries, showing their support in an odd way. It was probably all planned! They made her experience it as a betrayal so that she could be easily pushed over the edge. After all, this was the final nail in the coffin, which caused Dani’s shocking descent into the darkness. 

midsommar Helplessness or Betrayal 

The point of debate here is whether Christian truly betrayed Dani or was he helpless to stop it.  If you pay close attention to the film, it will take you no time to understand that the commune members exploited Christian and Dani’s breaking relationship. They made it look like that he willingly engaged in the ritual, adding to her emotional distress. 

Self-Discovery or Madness 

Midsommer explores Dani’s journey from a heartbroken girl who is dealing with her family’s tragic death while trying to hold on to a fragile, meaningless relationship. The film’s creator said that Dani found exactly what she was lacking when she embraced the commune’s way of living. But all this happened at what cost!

midsommar Self-Discovery or Madness 

For audiences and critics, the Midsommer’s is all about Dani’s transformation into a strong-headed lady who doesn’t put up with toxic masculinity. The ending clearly shows that she chose to sacrifice Christian in an attempt to overcome her grief, trauma, and betrayal. Nevertheless, her smirky smile in the end remains unsettling for some viewers. Was it really a transformative journey or merely madness?

Brilliant or Disturbing Imagery

Midsommer’s visuals have a striking impact on the audiences and critics, but they also stir mixed feelings. The film’s artistic cinematography has surely captured the beauty of the Swedish countryside and rituals. However, it bizarrely contrasted with horrific and unsettling scenes as well. For instance, the graphic imagery of rituals involving sacrifice and hallucinogenic sequences can be grotesque. Moreover, the unwavering portrayal of trauma, shock, and betrayal can also be emotionally taxing and hard to bear.

midsommar Brilliant or Disturbing Imagery

In short — some viewers find Midsommer’s imagery mesmerizing, while others find it deeply disturbing. This is yet another reason behind why the film has caused polarized reactions among audiences.

Culture or Paganism

Midsommer’s story takes place in a mysterious Swedish community that follows ages-old blood-shedding, horrific traditions. Some people who have watched the film appreciated the exploration of these unique traditions in a captivating yet thrilling manner. Unexpectedly, they liked learning about different customs and how they are celebrated.

midsommar Culture or Paganism

However — there’s a majority of viewers and critics who felt concerned about the portrayal of such unethical practices. In their view, the film presented paganism in the name of culture. Moreover, this might have given a wrong or exaggerated impression of bizarre beliefs. This debate has been stirring different reactions among audiences since the film’s release.


“Midsommar” is considered a polarizing film due to its unique storytelling and disturbing themes backed by symbolism, cultural elements, and emotional weight. While some audiences appreciate its atmospheric horror and psychological exploration, others find it uncomfortable or absurd. 

However, there is a lot more than this which makes it polarizing. This article sheds light on a few aspects of this film that audiences and critics have interpreted in their own way. 

Let me know in the comments if you also agree with what I have just unraveled here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plot of Midsommer?

Midsommar follows the story of a group of friends who travel to a remote Swedish village to participate in an ancient “midsummer festival”. As they indulge in the idyllic traditions while coping up with their personal issues, the festivities take a dark and disturbing turn. There is a series of unsettling events that challenge their sanity and safety. The lead characters “Dani” and “Christian” are at the center of everything. In fact, this film can be seen as a transformation journey (amidst turmoil and horror) from Dani’s point of view as well.

Is Midsommer scary or creepy?

Both. Midsommer is the type of horror movie which scares the shit out of audiences while creeping them at the same time. There have been several debates over the unsettling sequences shown in the film. While some viewers take it as a thrilling movie with fulls of scarying elements, there are some audiences who find it awfully disturbing. This significantly adds to the polarizing nature of the film.

Why was Midsommer so disturbing?

Midsommar on Netflix appears to be disturbing for some viewers due to its unconventional storytelling, violent imagery, and the exploration of themes related to grief, toxic relationships. It also throws light on the darker aspects of human nature. Indeed, this film’s scenery and concepts leaves a lasting “creepy” impact on viewers.

Is Midsommer worth watching?

Yes. Midsommer is a worth watching film if you are looking for an unconventional horror film packed with a bundle of gut-wrenching emotions and violence. It has something unique to offer depending upon the perspective that viewers use to understand it. However, it is important to note that this film is R-rated. There’s explicit nudity, sex, and violence along with scenes which shows suicide and murders. This means that it is not suitable for children to watch. Only 18+ individuals should watch it.

Can I watch Midsommer on Netflix?

Yes. You can watch Midsommer on Netflix only if you are in the country where it is accessible. Unfortunately, this film has been restricted to the users of some countries, including UK, US, Canada, and Pakistan. You can switch your location by using VPN in order to find and watch Midsommer on Netflix. Or else, you can opt for other streaming platforms which features this popular horror film.

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