I Hate Christmas Netflix Season 2 – Worth the Wait or Not?


The resounding success of the “I Hate Christmas Netflix season 2” series undeniably left us eagerly anticipating its continuation. Whether you’re an avid fan or a discerning critic, the new season promises to satiate your thirst for answers and satisfy your hidden curiosities.

Dear readers, we comprehend the emotions that the first season stirred within you, and that’s why we’ve brought this piece to provide you with quick insights into Season 2.

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Spoilers | I Hate Christmas Netflix Season 1v

If you’re still wondering whether it’s worth the wait, we recommend holding on and reading this article until the very end. Your questions will soon find their answers, and the excitement is just beginning!

Will I Hate Christmas Netflix Season 2 Release or Not?

After the great success of “I Hate Christmas Season 1”, all its fans eagerly await its next season. This becomes clear by their extreme response in the form of reviews and views on the previous season. 

As this Italian series story revolves around the theme of Christmas, and the first season was also released on Christmas in 2022, it is expected that the new Christmas will bring its new season.

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Spoilers | I Hate Christmas Netflix Season 1

And one more thing that increases the chances of next season’s arrival is the cliffhanger ending of the first season. Nobody knows what Gianna will do next and whom she will choose to be her forever.

All of these facts are likely signs of the release of its new season, so if you are also one of the fans of this series, we suggest you hold your breath for this Christmas as it is expected to arrive in Christmas 2023.

There are some rumors regarding its new season that its shooting started in March 2023 and ended in April 2023, but any valid resource does not confirm this, so we don’t know if it is true. But this series surely deserves the next season.

I Hate Christmas Season 1 Recap

This romantic comedy series is based on a story of a single nurse who is contented and independent. She loves her job, family, and friends; wherever life takes her, she is okay with that.

The story begins when she confesses that she hates Christmas Eve as this time of the year always stresses her greatly just because of her single status. One night she was having dinner with her family, and again, the topic began of her singularity and loneliness; she instantly amazed everyone by confessing that she had a boyfriend and would call him on Christmas this year.

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Spoilers | I Hate Christmas Netflix Season 1

Giana- a single but dedicated nurse, lied to her family just to close the topic of her singularity. She wanted to escape from the topic that she had no children and now has to start her life. Her mother always does the same talk with her, due to which she did this.

The story took a remarkable turn when she realized that there were only three weeks left in Christmas, and she had to find someone to whom she would introduce her family. For this, she intensified her search, but all was so overwhelming for her more difficult than to learn how to ride a bicycle again.

Undoubtedly, it is not more than a mess for a single person to transition his relationship status. Many things are part of a relationship, including tolerance and acceptance of each other. Gianna had a tragedy 3 years before she had an Ex with whom she broke up. So after that, she decided to live in her own way, and she moved so long that she didn’t realize she needed someone to complete her.

While searching for a mate to call on dinner of Christmas, she realized the relationships of others in her life who are giving examples of relationships to her. Most importantly, she saw her dad cheating on her mom. She felt all are having relationship issues, so it’s a part of life, not the end of the story.

This Italian series is a short series of only six episodes, all about the search for the one she will decide to be with him, but in the end, it is not revealed whom she chooses or what she decides with her life next.

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Spoilers

The series has a huge fan following, due to which all of its fans are anticipating its new season. All are predicting their own theories that this will happen or probably be the story of the new season.

Gianna had an Ex who came to her in the last episode to beg a chance from her. But it is not revealed whether she gave him a chance. Some of its fan theories state that she had never forgotten him in the past 3 years; that was the reason she was single and allowed no one to come after him. So there are higher chances that in the new season, they will be together, and the story begins in a new way.

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Spoilers | I Hate Christmas Netflix Season 1

In the first season, we all see that Gianna invited someone for a Christmas date with whom she has decided to share her entire life. But the face was not revealed; maybe it was the patient with whom she chilled out so many times and shared moments of joy in the first season.

And last but not least, one thing is also hoped that she ended the story from where it began. It means she would reveal to her family that she lied to them and there was no one in her life as she is okay with hin single status and celebrate her independence in support of her family and friends.

I Hate Christmas Season 2 Spoilers | I Hate Christmas Netflix Season 1

But all of these are just the fan theories of this Italian series. It has yet to be determined what will happen next. All became clear when the new season arrived, so waiting desperately for this Christmas to bring Season 2 of this series.

Wrapping Up

This thought-provoking series reminds us of the importance of understanding and respecting individual choices and happiness. It urges us to stop perpetuating societal pressure and to celebrate love in all its diverse manifestations. 

Through Gianna’s journey, we are prompted to reevaluate our perspectives and create a more compassionate and accepting society for everyone. Let’s look forward to the upcoming season and anticipate the wealth of knowledge and excitement it will bring. There’s so much more to learn and enjoy!

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