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Kim Clement, Who was recognized as a ” singing prophet,” was born on 30 September 1956. But, he died at the age of 60 in November 2016. In September 2015, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor along with lung difficulties.

Kim Clement was a musician, and his musical genres were Christian, and in his best-released albums, Israel Is Forever, Songs from the Den, and many more were included.

Kim Clement

Personal Details

Full Name Kim Clement
Date of Birth September 30, 1956
Age 60 years old (Died in November 2016)
Birthplace United States
Profession Musical Artist
Height 5’8”
Weight 70 kg
Shoe Size N/A
Spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend Jane Clement
Net Worth $7 million

Kim Clement

Relationship Status

If we talk about his love life. Kim married Jane Clement. The couple lived a happy life. Kim was fond of social media and had interaction with the audience through their accounts. He has more than 19 thousand followers on Instagram, 5.6 thousand on Twitter, and 71 k on Facebook.

Net Worth

When he was alive, he earned a handsome amount of money. According to reports, the estimated net worth of Kim Clement was $7 million.


  • Kim met his wife for the first time in 1978 at the church of Pastor Jimmy Crompton.
  • He married his wife “Jane Elizabeth Clement” in December of the same year, 1978.
  • He had brain bleeds that made him weak and cancer for a long time.
  • Kim went to the hospital on September 7, 2015, to get treatment for his brain tumour.
  • He had been alive for 60 years when he died.
  • Kim’s death caught his family and fans by surprise.
  • After he died, his older daughter “Donné Clement Petruska” ran his social media accounts.
  • Through his music, Clement taught spiritual lessons in many churches.
  • Fred Roberts, who is the uncle of Kim’s wife, helped him start “The Lyric Christian Center” (a non-racial church in South Africa).
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