Is the Kar Reason Behind the Split Between Travis and Kylie Jenner?


An Instagram influencer may be the reason behind the split between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, the revealed this rumor.

The 27 years old Rojean kar, also known as Yung SweetRo on Instagram, has been in a relationship with 28 years old Houston-born rapper, even attending his birthday party that Jenner threw.

Kylie and Scott split after two years of relationship and also had one-year-old daughter Stormi. she was few months pregnant when their relationship rumors came into the media.

 Some spoilers say that the two had drifted apart because of different life opinions. Jenner wanted to expand their family, and Scott wanted to focus on his music.

This is the real reason, but the Calabasas beauty, who has more than 80000 followers on Instagram, has flaunted her connection to Scott. Moreover, she taunts Jenner on social media and posts pictures on the same location as Scott.

rojean kar

The most mesmerizing evidence of their relationship is a photo of 2013 when Kar holds a giant teddy bear with a man believed to be Scott Laughing beside her. contacted close friends, but he refused to comment on her personal life.

rojean kar

Jenner shared a sultry image of herself in a casino on 5th August in that week when Travis was seen at a casino with similar surroundings. Kar directly Tagged Kylie Jenner on social media and posted the screenshots on her Instagram story in March.

Moreover, she wrote, ‘ how many times a day do you block & unblock me, girl.’ After some days, she fired off a picture of her giggling in a bed adorned with glittering jewelry. In the deleted option, KarKar wrote, ” tell your baby daddy thanks.”

rojean kar

Kar was in attendance at Scott’s elaborate invite-only birthday bash that Jenner creatively directed. Kar shared videos from inside the exclusive event.

Travis shared a photo on a ski trip in march 2018. Furthermore, KarKar posted a photo on the slopes. Kar also dropped the hints that she was secretly liking Scott for years and posted the pictures in Texas, in Astro gear.

rojean kar

Recently, she shared an image of herself at a slot machine in a casino on 5th August.  Travis was also seen with similar surroundings there.

rojean kar

Kar also shared her pictures in luxury vehicles such as Rolls Royce. Kylie took social media to damage control after she visits ex-Tyga’s recording studio.

She told fans the internet always makes everything 100 times more dramatic than what it really is. I have not dated 2 am with Tyga, and you see me drop two of my friends off at a studio.

rojean kar
Travis and I have great relation, and the main focus is Stormi, and our daughter is the priority. Tyga did not comment on his relationship with Kylie. Tyga posted an emoji image of a cap in half an hour after kylie’s damage control tweets.

The image has no caption, and his message was taken to refer to ‘ cappin it’. It is a slang term for someone who is lying and attempt to put a cap on it.

Kylie was with Pals Anastasia Stassi Karanikolaou and Kelsey Calemine at West Hollywood hotspot from around midnight at 2 am. She was looked downcast as she got into her blue Rolls Royce with her pals when she left the hotspot.

rojean kar

rojean kar

Kar posted a mirror selfie, and in the background, blue and white air force shoes are seen. The same shoes were seen in Scott’s picture. According to TMZ, Travis and Kylie have decided to put their relationship broke. They split several weeks ago after a long period of time.

The couple was seen together at the August premiere in the Netflix documentary. Travis Scoot: Look, Mom, I Can fly that chronicles the rapper’s personal and professional life.

The romance has been colling off ever since, which indicates that the relationship was not completely over. Some sources also said that they are not officially calling it quits on their relationship but just taking space.

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