Aaron Hernandez Widow Would give a birth to A Baby Girl


The former fiancee of Aaron Hernandez gave a baby girl. Amateur boxer is her father who played college football with the late New England Patriots star. Shayana Jenkins Hernandez has a child by Hernandez, and it is said that the child was born on 16th June at a hospital in Rhode Island.

dino guilmette

Shayana Jenkins is pregnant and expecting a baby girl in June, just after Hernandez’s one-year death. Her love interest was identified as a boxer ad bar owner Dino Guilmette. According to a TMZ report, After a month, Dino Guilmette was revealed to be in a relationship with Shayanna.

Moreover, he played college football with Hernandez at the University of Florida. Guilmette said that he met Jenkins by mutual friends. Hernandez died on 19th April 2017. Well, the Guilmette spoke out about the pregnancy last month and said I’m going to have my hands full, but I am happy about it.

dino guilmette

It’s very exciting; it’s my daughter, she will have two sisters and have another one from a previous relationship. There is Shayanna’s daughter with Aaron, and that was very exciting.

On the asking about the beginning of the relationship, he said, I don’t care, and there are ugly comments out there, I don’t listen to them. Moreover, he also said that he would be happy with the news.

dino guilmette

Guilmette played college football with Hernandez at the University of Florida, who said that ‘ i am going to have my hands full, but I am happy about it.

Besides, he said Aaron had demons. Well, he was devoted to his daughter and said boy did he love her. I think he would be so happy to know about his little sister.

Guilmette’s father said he could not wait for the baby to come. Shayanna is such a lovely and unique person. His father also said that I have watched all my kids’ marriage and married all of them so far.

His family is so more supportive, and they empathize with him despite the controversy surrounding Hernandez, who killed Odin Lloyd in 2013. Guilmette’s father said that was another era of our life that was completely done and over with.

Furthermore, he also said, I feel wrong about Aaron because I researched, and his father was an amazing person. Everything went downhill for Aaron when he died. He had brain injuries and the worst case of degenerative brain disorder when they autopsied his brain.

dino guilmette

Hernandez would be so happy with the news that Aaron had demons, and he would be happy to know that there will be a baby sister. Hernandez spent some life in prison without parole for the murder of a semi-pro football player. At the time of his death, Lloyd was dating Shaneah Jenkins, the sister of Jenkins.

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